A clue for the clueless

explain-difference-holly fisher

I can’t explain the difference. It would be like explaining to a yappy dog why there is no point barking at every car that drives by — or more like explaining to a schizophrenic why up is not the same thing as down.– A Clue for the Clueless (Moonbattery)




Translation: Death to the Jews! Jews in the ovens!  Allah bless Hitler!

Observer 1: I believe Islamic migration is not good for this country….

Observer 2:  Then you are a Nazi!

For the authorities the day remained quiet; at least there were no ‘right wingers’ on the move…..

2 thoughts on “A clue for the clueless”

  1. Liberals don’t deserve an explanation. They’re too stupid and don’t listen anyway. They will understand only when their throats are being cut by their little Muslim buddies.

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