"Filthy people creating trouble in our society…"

Five men and one woman from Britain First entered the mosque without removing their shoes and stayed for up to 10 minutes berating a handful of members who were there.

“They were quite lucky because if they had come before half past one there would have been lots of people finishing their prayers and there could have been real trouble. “They are filthy people creating trouble in our society. “They were very aggressive and threatening. The signs are our religious policy.”

Brainwashing is changing someone’s beliefs?

All the things we must do and need to understand to do nothing about the jihad, from the Guardian:

Why would young British Paki (Musel-)men go off to risk their lives fighting jihad in the Middle East, and perhaps then return home to commit atrocities here? A consensus has emerged that they have been “radicalised”. This is understood to involve a kind of brainwashing whereby impressionable young men are led astray by malicious manipulators.

For jihadis, the narrative is that Islam is the true faith and that it is threatened by a hostile, kafir world. Given that millions throughout history have died to defend their religions, we cannot dismiss those who do the same now as simply deranged. What’s more, living in a country with a lot of anti-Islamic feeling, there is plenty of positive reinforcement for their feelings of persecution.