A Jew is not “capable of exercising sound judgment on community relations”

Its already pretty bad and its getting worse and worse.

Empty tables at Ramadan dinner as Vic Alhadeff stands by Gaza comments” reads the headline in the Sydney Moonbat Herald. Nobody questions why the bankrupt state of NSW  should pay for a Mohammedan feast; the furore is about the remarks of a kumbaya Jew who refused to withdraw his controversial comments defending Israel’s deadly force against Gaza that have badly fractured goodwill between Sydney’s Jewish and Muslim groups.”


Vic Alhadeff, Jewish Chair of  New South Wales Community Relations had to go. A dhimmi must not speak against those who are meant to rule over us by the law of allah.

“He has spent a long part of his life working on harmony,” NSW PM Mike Baird said as he left the Lakemba Mosque on Monday following prayers to mark the end of Ramadan, wiping the brown lipstick off his mouth……

Christina McIntosh @ New English Review:

He had, you see, sent out to some of Australia’s Jewish community an email in which he stated that Israel’s actions in Gaza are purely self-defensive.  Which happens to be the truth.

But the Mohammedan Mob rose up at once in fury and threw a collective tantrum, and kept it up to the point where poor Mr Alhadeff gave up and gave in, and resigned from his position.

The whole affaire blew up in less than a week.

Here’s how the Australian Jewish News reported the first round.

“Minister Backs Alhadeff”.

‘[NSW] Minister for Citizenship and Communities Victor Dominello has backed NSW Jewish Board of Deputies CEO Vic Alhadeff to remain as chair of the NSW Community Relations Commission (CRC) amid calls for his resignation by leaders of the local Arab [sic: “the local Muslim and Islamochristian” – CM] community.

‘A letter sent to the minister this week, which was endorsed by a number of organisations, asked for Alhadeff to be terminated as head of the CRC on the basis that he was not “capable of exercising sound judgment on community relations”, after he sent a community update about Operation Protective Edge to Jewish community members last week.

In that update, Alhadeff said Hamas had committed “war crimes” (which they have, and how! – CM), and used civilian launching sites for its rocket attacks on Israel (which they have – CM).  He wrote that “all options are on the table” for Israel to defend its citizens, but it was operating with care to avoid civilian casualites.  

And that, too, is perfectly true, and quite plain to anyone with half a brain.  Mr Alhadeff’s opinion is confirmed by the expert judgement of, inter alia, former British Army colonel Richard Kemp. – CM

‘Signatories to the letter sent to Dominello charged Alhadeff with “making divisive and one-sided comments that only serve to alienate a large section of the community, incite disharmony and intolerance”.

So he should have told lies to make the Jew-hating Mohammedans happy?   Strikes me that that stuff about ‘alienate a large section of the community” and “incite disharmony and intolerance” is nothing but a veiled threat: “If you defend Israel in any way, we (the Muslim mob) will riot in the streets and smash things and beat up and kill people. - CM

“His statement…is about disseminating the justification of violence by the armed forces of another country against an occupied and besieged people”, they wrote.

Nonsense. Israel does not occupy Gaza.  And Hamas started the fight.  – CM

‘Alhadeff’s one-sided statement contradicts the ethos of the CRC and its charter and highlights the inherent conflict of interest between the two roles he currently occupies.”

Thought experiment. Would they be squealing about a conflict of interest, and calling for resignations, if Mr Alhadeff had been a Muslim and had sent round to the Muslim “community” an email expressing solidarity with Hamas and the jihadis of Gaza, stating that Israel had no right to respond militarily to Muslim attack, no matter what, and stating a desire for the defeat and destruction of Israel and its total replacement by an Arab Islamic state of “Palestine”? - CM

‘But Dominello confirmed to the AJN that Alhadef, who he said “is doing an outstanding job” as CRC chair, would remain in the post.  “We all bring different perspectives to international issues (though some perspectives, Mr Dominello, are closer to the ascertainable historical facts, than others – CM), and he has conceded the language used has offended some members of the Muslim community”, he said.

Who are so very, very quick to be offended, by anything and everything not-Islam, and above all, by even the tiniest sign of any kind of Infidel opposition to Muslim dominance and resistance to Muslim assault. – CM

“We must not overlook Mr Alhadeff’s substantial achievements in promoting inter-faith understanding between the Jewish and Muslim communities”.

Waste of time. Don’t any of these people read the Islamic texts and pay any attention to what those texts say about kuffar in general, and the Jews, in particular? – CM

‘He said he would meet with the authors of the letter to discuss their concerns.

He shouldn’t have given these whining, threatening, tantrum-throwing mohammedans the time of day. – CM

‘Alhadeff told the AJN, “Despite occasionally differing views on issues, we all share a determination to live peacefully and harmoniously together in a tolerant and inclusive NSW.”

“The role of the CRC Chair is to fight racism, promote multiculturalism, and ensure community harmony. This is what I have done passionately and will continue to do”, he said…

Mate, please research the terms “Dar al Islam” and “Dar al Harb” and read Dr Mark Durie’s devastating little book “The Third Choice: Islam, Dhimmitude and Freedom” and Sam Solomon’s “Al Hijra: The Islamic Doctrine of Immigration”. Then you will know that the only “peace” and “harmony” that Muslims have in mind is when Muslims rule and do as they please and everybody else knuckles under.  - CM

“The Sydney Morning Herald reported last Friday that Premier Mike Baird (he who on Eid al-Fitra fawningly and effusively pledged friendship to the Mohammedan Mob – CM) had “publicly reprimanded” Alhadeff.

‘However the Premier’s full statement to the Herald suggested otherwise.

“Few people have done more to promote interfaith engagement and understanding between the Jewish and Muslim communities in NSW than Mr Alhadeff.  he has done an excellent job since his appointment as CRC Chair”, the statement read.

“The Premier expects Mr Alhadeff to use his position to bring together multicultural communities and promote community harmony”.

But what happens when Muslims take offence at the very idea of anyone’s agreeing that an Infidel state can and should defend itself against Muslim jihad assault?– CM

“While Mr Alhadeff was not writing in his capacity as CRC chair, his statements may be considered inconsistent with these objectives”.

So one should tell lies, or mince one’s words, so as not to offend the Religion of Perpetual Outrage? - CM

He has acknowledged the need to focus on issues in NSW, and avoid using inappropriate language regarding overseas conflicts”.

So it is “inappropriate language” to tell the truth about Hamas’ war crimes and acts of terror both achieved and plotted, and about Israel’s remarkable attempts to avoid Gazan civilian casualties whilst attempting to defend its citizens from a nonstop and indiscriminate rocket barrage? Further question: what would Mr Baird consider to be “appropriate” language? And has Mr Baird been paying attention to the sorts of things that very large numbers of visibly-identifying Muslims have been screaming, about Jews, in massed threat displays on the streets of Sydney and Melbourne?  Aren’t those things just a tad “inappropriate”? 

To do them credit,  the Premier and the Minister refused to sack Mr Alhadeff.

However, the Muslims continued to throw tantrums and sulk, as reported by Nicole Hasham in this Sydney Morning Herald article from July 25.

“Empty tables at Ramadan dinner as Vic Alhadeff stands by Gaza comments”.

‘NSW Community Relations Commission chair Vic Alhadeff has refused to withdraw controversial (no: true and accurate – CM) comments defending Israel’s deadly force against Gaza (Israeli self-defence against the Jihad waged against her from Gaza – CM) that have badly fractured goodwill between Sydney’s Jewish and Muslim groups.

That have exposed the reality of Muslim Jew-hatred. – CM

‘Mr Alhadeff issued a belated apology on  Thursday for causing offence two weeks ago.

“But his insistence on standing by the remarks (which happened to be true – CM) has done little to placate Arab and Muslim groups, or relieve pressure on him to resign from his role on the commission, which promotes racial harmony.

My dear Ms Nicole Hasham, get a clue.  Islam is an ideology. A belief system. A set of ideas inside people’s heads. It is not a “race”.  And it – and the behaviour it promotes – should not be exempt from criticism. – CM

‘The Federation of Ethnic Communities’ Council of Australia on Friday said Mr Alhadeff must “consider his position” as community relations chief, given the damage his comments caused.

So we cannot and must not tell the truth about Jihad, or allow to any infidel the right to resist it, because that will make the Muslims angry? – CM

‘Mr Alhadeff, who is also chief executive of the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies, emailed the Jewish community during the early stages of the conflict around Gaza.  He said Israel uses “care to avoid civilian casualties”, and “pinpoint technologies to hit the targeted infrastructure”.

Quite true. It does. – CM

‘He condemned acts by Palestinian [sic – CM] militant Islamist group  Hamas, adding that Israel would “do whatever is needed to defend its citizens.  All options are on the table.”

‘The Palestinian [sic – CM] death toll in Gaza (that is: the claimed local Arab, mostly-Muslim, death toll in Gaza – CM) now stands at more than 720, most of them civilians (that is: of which Hamas and the UNRWA claim that most are civilians; although a list of names and ages released by Al Jazeera show that the single largest cohort among the dead is comprised of males of military age who might reasonably be supposed to be combatants – CM).  At least 15 people were killed and scores hurt when a UN shelter was bombarded by Israeli forces on Thursday.  (In fact, there is a high probability that this strike was an “own goal” by Hamas or other jihadis within Gaza. – CM).  On the Israeli side, 32 troops and three civilians have died. (Why don’t you write “have been killed”, Ms Hasham? – CM).

‘The email triggered an outcry from Arab groups, who questioned how Mr Alhadeff can hold dual roles requiring him to both support the Jewish cause and promote community unity in NSW.

So “unity” can only be achieved if everyone toes the Muslim line? – CM

‘Outside an Iftar dinner at NSW Parliament to mark Ramadan on Thursday night (and what is Parliament doing holding an Iftar dinner in the first place? If people understood that Ramadan is the “month of jihad” the last thing they would want is anything to do with it; any more than one would want to join a bunch of Neo-Nazis at a party celebrating Hitler’s Birthday – CM) Mr Alhadeff said, “I don’t resile from the comments”, adding that he did not intend to cause offence and was “pro-Palestinian and pro-Israeli”.

It would be wonderful if the local Arabs in and around Israel were to ditch the Death Cult, the Religion of Blood and War.  For if they did, peace could be had in minutes.  But seeing as they are unlikely to apostasise en masse at any time in the foreseeable future, one must ultimately choose sides; and sensible people will choose the Jewish side, the side that affirms life and freedom. – CM

‘In an earlier statement issued on Thursday, Mr Alhadeff expressed “regret that some took umbrage” at his email.

“I am sorry if the comments in the briefing served inadvertently to offend members of some communities in NSW, because I agree with [Premier Mike Baird] that the role of the CRC…is to work with all faiths and cultures in promoting multiculturalism and harmony”, he said.

So long as we have a large and ever-larger Muslim presence in Australia, Mr Alhadeff, you can kiss the idea of harmony goodbye, unless by “harmony” one means that the Muslims say “grovel” and everybody else hits the dirt. – CM

‘Mr Alhadeff said every civilian death (nicely worded; for not all deaths in Gaza are civilian, many are the deaths of persons – male or female, young or old – actively engaged in Jihad – CM) was “a tragedy”, and “pain is felt by local communities with ties to both sides of this conflict”.

Australians of German background, with cousins in Germany, no doubt felt pain and anxiety during World War II; but no sane and decent German-Australians took offence at the degree of force deployed by the Allies in order to defeat Hitler, or demanded that the Allies should cease from military action, because German civilians were getting killed.  One of my grandmother’s cousins, of German-Australian parentage, flew in Bomber Command sorties over Germany, even though he knew full well that his mother’s parents came from Lower Saxony and that he had cousins and second-cousins aplenty still residing there. – CM

‘He affirmed his commitment to his part-time Community Relations Commission Role, for which he is paid $35 000 a year.

‘The apology angered Australia Palestine Advocacy Network Vice President Issa Shaweesh, who described it as “insulting”.

“He has apologised for the offence his comments caused, but not for the comments themselves. (Why should he apologise for telling the truth? – CM) His position as chairman of the NSW Community Relations Commission is utterly untenable”.

‘In a statement on Friday, the Federation of Ethnic Communities Councils of Australia, a peak national body, said Mr Alhadeff “certainly needs to consider his position…and whether he can continue in the role given the impact of his comments”.

So to get someone fired, all the Muslims should have to do is throw a tantrum?- CM

‘It said Mr Alhadeff showed “poor judgement” (no, he did not, as far as I am concerned he showed good judgement – CM) and the CRC chairman should “maintain a position of impartiality and sensitivity in the face of increasing global unrest” which can affect Australians with relatives living in conflict zones.

If one side is screaming “Slaughter the Jews” and intends the annihilation of the world’s only Jewish state, and the other side – the side assailed by that would-be genocidal onslaught – is simply trying to defend itself, then I really don’t see why anyone but a moral imbecile can pretend to be “impartial”.  I feel absolutely no need at all to be “sensitive” to the feelings of people who support Hamas, Hamas which trains the children of Gaza, even from their toddler years, to become murder-“martyrs”, and whose Charter praises and quotes from and endorses not only the most savagely-Jewhating passages in Islamic scripture, but also that vicious forgery, the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion”. – CM

‘Mr Baird on Thursday said Mr Alhadeff has his “full confidence’.

“He has apologised and he understands that the role of the CRC is to work with all faiths and cultures”, Mr Baird said…

‘Joseph Wakim (with that name, he is either a Muslim or a dhimmi Islamochristian – CM), a former Victorian Multicultural Affairs Commissioner, and founder of the Australian Arabic Council, welcomed the apology but said it “does not retract the damage done”.

‘He said Mr Alhadeff’s dual roles still represented an “intrinsic conflict of interest” and calls for him to resign from the commisison were “not negotiable”.

Mr Wakim should have been asked whether he would still think there was an “intrinsic conflict of interest” if Mr Alhadeff were to be replaced with an allahu-akbaring Muslim who cheered for every Hamas rocket that hit a target in Israel, and openly declared a desire for the destruction of Israel. – CM

‘Some Arab and Muslim groups boycotted the iftar dinner, hosted by Mr Baird, leaving a number of empty tables at the event.

‘Labor MP Shaoquett Moselmane (who was born in Lebanon to Muslim parents – CM), the first Muslim elected to the NSW Parliament, also pulled out of the event, along with other Muslim Labor councillors.

Well, now we know. They endorse Hamas and deny Israel the right of self-defence against Jihad. – CM

‘Liberal Auburn councillor (by “councillor”, I assume this means a Member of the Legislative Council of the NSW Parliament – CM) Ronney Oueik did attend, saying later he was unaware of the controversy.

NSW Greens MP Mehreen Faruqi (who was born and brought up in Pakistan – CM) the first Muslim woman elected to a Parliament in Australia, was not invited.

“She said Mr Alhadeff’s comments “clearly show a lack of judgement and commitment to multicultural harmony in NSW” and his explanation was “an affront to the Palestinian [sic – CM] and multicultural community”.

Why is a Muslim from Pakistan so incensed when an Aussie Jew asserts the right of Israel to defend itself against would-be-genocidal Jihad waged by the Arab Muslims next door to it?  Answer: she accepts and practises the Jew-hatred and megalomaniacal Muslim supremacism – the goal of Total World Domination – that is hard-wired into the core Islamic texts. – CM

‘She called for the comments to be withdrawn.’

And after more screams of rage from Muslims and dhimmis and with the tantrums continuing, poor Mr Alhadeff gave in, and quit his position.

As gleefully reported by the Sydney Morning Herald, here.

‘The NSW Community Relations Commission chairman, Vic Alhadeff, has quit after his controversial comments defending Israel’s attacks on Gaza (that is: defending Israel’s right of self-defence against Hamas’ would-be genocidal jihad assault – CM) caused a furore between Sydney’s Jewish and Muslim groups.

Not “between”.  More truthfully, the SMH should have written – “was greeted with irrational rage by many Muslims.” - CM

“Mr Alhadeff…said on Sunday it was “with considerable regret” that he was quitting his role on the commission.

‘”I have chosen to do so in the interests of the CRC and its important work in fostering social harmony within our society”, he said.

Mate, when you have Muslims in a society, social harmony is what you won’t get, because they believe they have the right to rule over everybody else, absolutely, and they will stop at nothing in their attempts to force everyone else to Submit. – CM

“It is clear that a briefing paper issued under my name inadvertently caused offence to some, and this is greatly regretted.

“While this was unintended, and despite the backing of numerous community leaders who acknowledged my record of goodwill, the reaction from some has become a distraction to the work of the CRC and the role of the chair”.

‘Mr Alhadeff said he had long “committed myself to building bridges and to intercultural harmony, and I intend to continue this work as a representative of the Jewish community”…

Please, Mr Alhadeff: before you do anything else, stop and read Bat Yeor, “Islam and Dhimmitude” and Dr Mark Durie “The Third Choice”.  And get a clue.  Because right now, what has happened is that you have been hounded out of your post because you refused to accept the idea that Israel must behave as a dhimmi toward the Muslim entities that surround her. – CM

‘Communities Minister Victor Dominello said he accepted Mr Alhadeff’s resignation “with great regret” and thanked him for his service…

Perhaps they should appoint a Buddhist or Hindu as Mr Alhadeff’s replacement.  And if they do, I wonder how long it will be before the Muslims find an excuse to be offended with that person, also? - CM

‘Mr Alhadeff last week expressed “regret that some took umbrage” at his email, adding that every civilian death was “a tragedy”.

Civilians, yes.  Combatants – including 14 year old child jihadis with explosive vests or toting AK-47s – no.– CM

‘But his apology was rejected by many critics, including Australia-Palestine Advocacy Network president George Browning, a former Anglican bishop of Canberra, who said Mr Alhadeff’s ongoing appointment “diminishes the credibility” of the Community Relations Commission.

Mr Browning, former bishop, has got to be either a Useful Idiot or an antisemite, and either way, is acting as a perfect dhimmi, serving the cause of the Jihad against the Jews. - CM

‘President of the Lebanese Muslim Association, Samier Dandan, welcomed Mr Alhadeff’s resignation, saying his position had become untenable.

“Mr Dandan said the decision would “ensure that the work of the CRC continues to build on the charter of community harmony and cohesion”.

Grooming people for dhimmitude. “Harmony and cohesion”, I see, = “never say or do anything that Muslims dislike, even if what you say is true and what you do is in self-defence against prior Muslim aggression.” – CM

‘Joseph Wakim, former Victorian Multicultural Affairs Commissioner and founder of the Australian Arabic Council, said Mr Alhadeff had thrown “one last stone” at his critics by attributing his resignation to the reaction to his comments, rather than the comments themselves.

The comments were true.  Why should not the CRC chair state what is true, even if others do not like it?  And he also stated the truth when he said he resigned because of the actions of others. They wore him down by their tantrums.  I wonder whether he also received threats, whether against himself personally, or against the Jewish community in Australia? - CM

“Integrity is imperative to the CRC charter. Never again can a neutral arbiter for a state government also be a mouthpiece for a foreign government”, Mr Wakim said.”

As opposed to being, say, a fifth-column agent of the Ummah, or Mohammedan Mob, the Allah Gang, the de facto Empire of Islam, actively furthering and participating in its 1400-year-long campaign to subjugate the entirety of the planet to itself and the despots that it spawns?  In any case, the idea that Mr Alhadeff, in making the comments that he did, was acting as a “mouthpiece” for a “foreign government”, is nonsense; he was simply applying his judgement to the situation. There are plenty of non-Jewish Australians, such as myself, who share Mr Alhadeff’s view of Israel’s self-defensive action against the Hamas jihadis.  Does that mean that we, too, are “mouthpieces” of the government of Israel???  No, it does not.  It just means that we can see who started the fight, and who did not; and who is fighting dirty, and who is not; and that we feel perfectly entitled to call it as we see it. – CM



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  1. Mr. Alhadeff,

    Do not surrender or give in to Islamic terrorism.
    Retain your position and fight back.
    You will set an example for the rest of the world.

    Mickey Oberman (Canada)

  2. Multicultural harmony? Iftar dinners in the NSW parliament? Federation of ethnic communities council? First Muslim MP? First Muslim woman MP? Multicultural affairs commission ? All these ridiculous titles and terms that are now used in Australia. Vic Alhadeff was one of these multicultural idiots who helped reduce para once homogenous nation to a group of chauvinist ethnic communities all parking themselves in Australia. I say let’s have more conflict and dismissal and community tensions and bring rotten insulting multiculturalism to ashes. Maybe some Jews won’t listen to leftist community leaders like Jeremy jones isi liebler Sam lipski etc who hypocritically preach immigration and multiculturalism for Australia but not for Israel. Maybe as more Vic’s get thrown aside like Israel was at the UN by Australia last year by growing Muslim power that they help give birth to; they will realize that the whole scheme is suicidal and ask for forgiveness from us old dinkum Aussies who built the place. sad to say the current crop of post war Jews couldn’t give us another Monash

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