Abu Sayyaf kills 19 Filipinos, wounds 14 others in brazen road attack in southern Philippines

Islamist militants Devout Muslims kill 18 civilians in Philippines.

Today (Monday 28 July) Islamist militants in the Philippines killed 18 people in revenge for their family’s support of government efforts to bring stability to the resource-rich region. Philippine military warns of more bloodshed.

The Philippines is majority Catholic, but islands in the far south are mostly Islam-infested and governments have for decades battled autonomy-seeking jihadists.

Photo shows Abu Sayyaf Islamic terrorists in the Philippines.

Bengali Muslims care not for the so called “Rohingya”- their brethren from Burma
Its not as if they haven’t tried before:

Israel needs to take this Arab waste product out with the trash:

Another Arab Muslim inbred claims that the Western (Wailing) Wall belongs exclusively to Muslims (BNI)


The fact that the Western Wall is the second holiest site in Judaism is lost on this whackadoodle…because once a Muslim steps foot on any piece of land, he considers it to be Muslim land forever.   PA Minister of Religious Affairs Mahmoud Al-Habbash:‎ ‎“

This is our land and we will not leave our land. ‎Our Al-Aqsa Mosque – no one has the right – no one has the right to a single millimeter of it. The ‎entire Al-Aqsa Mosque is a pure Islamic-Palestinian right.

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  1. Jerusalem imam says: “Egypt should annex Gaza and lead Arab armies in the extermination of the Jews” (BNI)

    That is a very good idea. Only Muslim leaders know how to deal with Muslims. And there cannot be any complaints of Islamophobia.

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