Al BeBeeCeera goes to Palliwood

BBC exposes Pallywood lies in #GazaUnderAttack Twitter hashtag

Only one problem: The photo was actually taken in Syria.

The BBC reporter reflexively assumed that a photo that accompanies a tweet is accurate – when it is anti-Israel.

The good news is that the BBC has now exposed the fact that this same type of purposeful anti-Israel photographic propaganda is happening all the time:

“Canada will be facing a large number of returnees…”

Not every horny headbanger will meet the  virgins. Hugh Fitzgerald explains the futile efforts to preemptively prevent “radicalization” of converts to Islam: Western Victims Of Adult-Onset Islam Ready For Rehab?

There seems to have been an FBI cover-up…

…concerning links to high-ranking Saudis and especially a Saudi family living in Sarasota. From the Miami Herald:

Remember All Those Saudis Bush Allowed to Leave After 9/11?


Israel vows ‘lengthy’ offensive in Gaza

201478102521617734_20 Israeli air force launches 50 airstrikes, after at least 20 rockets were fired from Gaza.
Cult(-ure) of Destruction by the Rivers of Babylon

Israel (from the Elder)

Gaza rocket tallies for the past two weeks

June 27: 6 rockets, 2 intercepted
June 28: 3 rockets, Sderot factory burned to ground
June 29: 4 rockets, 2 intercepted
June 30: 16 rockets
July 1: 5 rockets, several mortars, damage to vehicles and a major fire as a result, also mortars
July 2: 10 rockets, 9 mortars, 1 intercepted
July 3: 13 rockets, homes and a summer camp damaged
July 4: 25 rockets, several mortars, 3 intercepted
July 5: Over 20 rockets, including to Beersheva, several mortars, 3 intercepted, some damage and an injury
July 6: Over 25 rockets, some damage
July 7: Over 85 rockets, Hamas claimed to shoot 100 and Islamic Jihad claimed to shoot 60. 13 intercepted
July 8: At least 130 rockets, 7 intercepted, so far, some damage and injuries

This is the best I could do at the moment. but the figures are not definitive. Sources include this constantly updating Wikipedia page as well as Israeli and Arabic media.