Are we already under Mohammedan occupation?

Post by Mouzy Kalmouni.

4 thoughts on “Are we already under Mohammedan occupation?”

  1. The mere fact that MUhammadans ARE in Australia and REMAIN in Australia would suggest so.

    The mere fact “THIS” is actually happening in Australia.
    The mere fact “THIS” is actually happening in Australia.
    The mere fact Muhammadan immigration “INCREASED” (see page 5/83) During the “Little Johnny” years actually happened in Australia.

    So the guess is that Australia was conquered by islam during the period of 11 MAR 1996 and 03 DEC 2007.
    Politicians “forgot” to tell the rest of us – Thanks “Little Johnny” – and the Politicians and the Politocals just increased their treasonist seditionist acts (it was unimaginable) from them on.

    Only this could explain all the above ….
    all the otherwise unexplainable Muhammadan atrocities committed (this includes continued Muhammadan residency, halal, sharia, Hissy Fits) in Australia.

    There is only ONE VERSION of islam – and it is a/the VILE version.

  2. I think “are-we-already-under-mohammedan-occupation” is a determined fact!
    Who are the Australian Politician and Political Criminal(Traitors/Seditionists) -of their own culture- obeying!
    Who tells these (“our” Elected & Appointed Representatives) Criminal Assistors/Enablers of islam what to do!
    This is the next Question to be answered and addressed – and it really has to be soon.

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