"As a Muslim, you cannot live in a country of Kuffars [disbelievers]."

“I’m going to stay and fight until the Khilafah [rule of Islam] is established or I die,”– Abdul Raqib told Good Morning Britain.

British Jihadist Abdul Raqib Amin Recounts Journey to Join ISIS

An engineering student who left his life in the U.K. to fight with Islamist extremists who have seized parts of Iraq and Syria has described his journey to join the militants as one of the happiest moments of his life. Abdul Raqib Amin was studying in Aberdeen, Scotland, but last month appeared in a recruitment video for the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) aimed at other Westerners. In an exclusive interview with NBC News’ U.K. partner ITV News aired Monday morning, the British citizen admitted he missed his parents but said that he “left the house with the intention not to go back.”

 Egyptian Islamist researcher Ali Abd Al-Aal: “The European continent, where there are 50 million Muslims… 80% of these Muslims are beggars, living on Western welfare.”

Egyptian Researcher Ali Abd Al-Aal Leaves HIs Interlocutor Nearly Speechless

The zebibah-ed bearded sinister Believer can’t quite believe his ears — how dare any of this, the truth of which he doesn’t even try to deny — be said, in public this way, where some non-Muslims might even overhear.–Here.


Read the article here. (by Hugh Fitzgerald)

And the expense does not end with the enormous burden on the health systems — made still more burdensome by the high number of Muslims  who intermarry (in a culture where no one is to be trusted, ideally you marry your daughter to your brother’s son) who have congenital problems .


Nor does it end with the enormous burden on the educational systems, where there is not only a language to be taught (and not just to the first generation), but the hostility of Muslims students, and their threatening parents (see the murder, last Friday, of the institutrice in Albi who was stabbed to death by one “Rachida” who, in the French press, was misleadingly described as “une desequilibree espagnole”), to what is taught in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch schools, and threaten, too, the other, non-Muslim students who must endure life in the classroom with the aggressive and dangerous Muslims. Nor does it end with the free or heavily subsidized housing estates, the cites, where the police and firemen are fearful of entering, where crime and vandalism constantly increase the cost to the indigenous, non-Muslim taxpayers. No, not health, not education, not housing, not the family allowance, that Muslims everywhere take such advantage of, exhaust the list of expenses. The women are encouraged to stay home and breed, breed, breed, and discouraged from working. And the men — what skills do they posssess, what jobs are they capable of filling, how many of them, as compared with other immigrant groups or the native non-Muslims, manage to find and hold jobs, and perform those jobs, in a way that constitutes a benefit to the host nation’s economyc wellbeing?

And then there is, beyond all the benefits taken full advantage of and then some – costing the welfare states of Western Europe money that might go to social security for their own aged, or for helping their own poor (which is why those welfare states were set up in the first place), the fantastic and growing cost of security. This includes guards at metro stations, bus stations, train stations, airports, churches, synagogues, Hindu and Buddhist temples. It includes the cost for the police to keep down Muslim rioters and vandals, to protect government buiildings, to find and prosecute Muslim criminals — for Muslims make up a much higher percentage of the criminal and prison population than do non-Muslims. It includes the cost of court-appointed lawyers, of judges, of prisons, the whole criminal justice system that is seeing its resources used up on that Muslim population.

I won’t go on. You think about what you have observed in your own country, your own city. You can add to the list yourself.