Aussie Bludjahideen With Entertainment Value

Australia’s ridiculous jihadi element continue to entertain.

323401-6bd79390-8ede-11e3-bde5-79e0b0a6dde3One of them, disability pensioner and now suspected war criminal Khaled Sharrouf, is alleged to have collected pension payments even after leaving Australia for the killing fields of Syria and Iraq. The only surprise here is that the payments were eventually stopped, presumably after a sharp-eyed bureaucrat discovered that Sharrouf had found gainful employment shooting his fellow Muslims.

Still, at least Sharrouf made it to Syria, which is more than Musa Cerantonio can say. Except that the self-styled sheik actually did say he’d made it to the Middle East, posting this note on Twitter: “I have arrived in the land of Khilafah in Ash-Sham! May Allah honour all Muslims during this blessed time in His Obedience.” Icon Arrow Continue reading ‘WUSA MUSA’ by Tim Blair


Bring it on, you dogs! Perkasa wants all Muslim countries to attack Israel


 “Put together all your armies and weapons from Muslim countries and just attack the crazy Zionists and pray to Allah.” …

More maniacal muslim madness at The Rakyat Post thanks to Mullah, pbuh

Female companion of Australian extremist cleric Musa Cerantonio also facing charges

The Filipina girlfriend of Australian Islamist extremist Musa Cerantonio has denied the cleric is in any way connected to terrorist organisations despite his vocal support for jihad, saying he could not “even kill an ant”. …  Story at The Age, via Mullah

“ Sudden bloom of girls wearing niqabs  in Sarawak”

Christian schoolchildren were coming home and telling their parents that their Muslim classmates had started pressuring them to change their faith. ISLAMIC EXTREMISM rears its ugly head in Sarawak

This Form of Islam Sweeping Europe May Be More Dangerous Than Violent Jihad

One thought on “Aussie Bludjahideen With Entertainment Value”

  1. How to assist Khaled Sharrouf in his endeavour of eradicating the curse of islam (by killing all his “Brothers”)!

    Ensure the following steps are carried out ….
    1. Incarcerate all Dhimmis(Assistors/Enablers/Traitors/Seditionists).
    2. Stop ALL Muhammadan immigration to Australia.
    3. Expel ALL Muhammadans from Australia.
    4. Expel ALL unwilling to go Muhammadans.
    5. Bulldoze ALL islam’s “Mostgrotesques”.
    6. Expel ALL -(survived their incarceration)- “Dhimmis” from Australia.
    7. Expel ALL unwilling to go -(survived their incarceration)- “Dhimmis“.

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