Melbourne: “They yelled “Jewish dog”, “Allahu akbar”

Melbourne: “They yelled “Jewish dog”, “Allahu akbar” —  read Christina’s blog post below the fold.

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Hat tip for this story goes to Daphne Anson’s excellent pro-Israel blog, where I first encountered it.  I then checked other news sites and came up with assorted accounts.

I will begin with the report given by the Jewish Telegraph Agency.

Report: Jew Wearing IDF Shirt Assaulted in Melbourne.

Thanks to Christina McIntosh

(That is: Melbourne – Jew wearing IDF Shirt Attacked by 2 Muslim Men – CM)

‘A Melbourne man wearing an IDF T-shirt said two Arabic-speaking men (he should have described them as two Arabic-speaking Muslim men – CM) assaulted him on the street.

Zachary Gomo told JTA he was walking to a shop around 10 pm in a Jewish neighbourhood (note – many of Australia’s 112 000 Jews live in Melbourne; the suburb of Elsternwick, where – as we learn from another account – this attack took place, is 18 percent Jewish, with the remainder being either Christian or of no religion; few or no Muslims reside there. This suggests to me that these two Muslims were not locals, but had come all the way to a known Jewish precinct looking for Jews to attack. – CM) on Thursday night, wearing a T shirt from his service in the Israel Defence Forces, when he was set upon by two young men.

“I noticed them when it was too late.  They jumped on me, started punching, screaming “Kalb Yehud!” (Jewish dog), “Allahu akbar (God [sic: allah – CM] is great [sic: in fact, “greater” – CM]) and something about Gaza in Arabic,” Gomo said.

“One of them tried to pull me to the ground, I started fighting and punching back,” he recalled. “I grabbed one of them by the throat and screamed at them, cursing in Arabic as well. This shocked them, they ran off”.

They thought they had found easy prey; they thought wrong. – CM

‘Gomo said he was covered in cuts, and had a swollen face.

Click on the link to the Daily Mail report, which I discuss below; they provide a lot of pictures. – CM

‘The Community Security Group accompanied him to a police station to make a statement, he said.

“It appears from the words used by the attackers that he was targeted only because he was clearly identifiable as a Jew”, Nina Bassat, president of the Jewish Community Council of Victoria, said in a statement.

And are you going to tell us, Ms Bassat, that those words also tell us exactly who the attackers were…and why they hate Jews? – CM
“This was an act of cowardice and aggression that has no place in our society”, she said.

Yes.  And Muslims, whose religion of blood and war inculcates in them a murderous contempt and aggression toward all non-Muslims – but toward Jews first and worst of all – have no place in any non-Muslim society. – CM

“From past experience, it is clear that it is no coincidence that this attack occurred as hostilities between Israel and Gaza are escalating”.

What she should have said, “Whenever Israel defends itself – as now – against the genocidal Jihad waged against it by Muslims, there are Muslims in other parts of the world who engage in acts of collective punishment, attacking Jews wherever they can find them.” – CM

‘Community members, she added, “should be free to walk on the streets of Melbourne, and to live a peaceful life in what has until now been a model of multicultural harmonious co-existence”.

Well, it was fairly harmonious…until we very stupidly added Muslims to the mix; more and more and more Muslims.  Got Muslims? – sooner or later, got Jihad.  And as a subset of that Jihad, waged against all non-Muslims qua non-Muslims, there is orthodox Islamic Jew-hatred.

And now to Australia’s Herald-Sun, David Hurley reporting.

“A former Israeli Defence Force (IDF) soldier has been bashed in an allegedly racially (that should have been, “ideologically”, or, “Islamically” – CM) motivated attack in Melbourne’s southeast.

“Zachary Gomo was set upon in Parnell St, Elsternwick, by two young men who he said shouted “Jewish dog” in Arabic as they started punching him.

“The 28 year old Caulfield North man was wearing his old IDF T-shirt when the attack happened at about 10 pm last Thursday night.

“The attackers also made reference to the conflict in Gaza during the violent incident.

Ah yes…resisting Jihad causes…Jihad.  But Jihad happens whether you respond to it or not.  And Muslims have been known to gin up false rumours expressly in order to have an excuse to attack defenceless, unarmed dhimmi minority communities. – CM

‘Mr Gomo was left with cuts and bruises and a slashed T-shirt following the assault.

“I think they just saw me with a T-shirt with Hebrew writing on it and attacked me”, Mr Gomo said.

“It’s just an old T-shirt I was out jogging in – I wasn’t trying to make a statement”.

“They yelled “Jewish dog”, “Allahu akbar” (God is greatest) [No, my dear Herald-Sun, you need to do your homework; this Arabic phrase, the historic Muslim war-cry throughout 1400 years of non-stop Jihad, thefunctional equivalent of, for example, Heil Hitler…go on youtube, Mr Hurley, or on MEMRI, and listen to a few typical clips of  Muslim mobs chanting this phrase, and decide whether you ever want to hear that phrase being yelled at you from behind in a darkened street at night…or anywhere else. – CM) and said something about Gaza”.

‘The dual citizen reported the incident to Caulfield police…

And now to the Daily Mail, Louise Cheer reporting.

“Former Israeli Soldier Ambushed By Two Men (sic: two Muslims – CM) in “antisemitic” attack on quiet Melbourne Street, leaving him with a black eye and torn clothes.

Why the quotes round “antisemitic”, Daily Mail? – CM

“A former Israeli soldier now living in Australia has told of the shocking moment he was attacked on the street and was left with a slash through his T-shirt, a swollen face, and covered in scratches.

‘Zachary Gomo, 28, was walking along Parnell Street, off Kooyong Road, in Elsternwick – in Melbourne’s south – when he was ambushed by two men while he was wearing an Israeli Defence Forces shirt from his two-year stint in the service, in what he is calling an “anti-Semitic” attack.

Well, my dear Daily Mail, what would you call it, if not antisemitic? Do you doubt Mr Gomo’s truthfulness? – CM

At the time, the dual citizen was walking to his girlfriend’s place, when he noticed two men following him.

“The side street was very dark and apparently empty of people”, Mr Gomo said.

“When I got about halfway down the street, I suddenly noticed that there were two people right behind me.  I got a shock as I had not noticed them until then, which I found odd”.

In other words: they had been stalking him. – CM

“At that moment they both jumped on me, and started punching and shouting in Arabic “Jew Dog”, “Allahu Akbar [God is great] (sic: when, when, oh, when will reporters and editors do their homework and give us the correct translation of this Muslim war-cry? – CM) and something I didn’t understand, about Gaza.

“It completely came out of nowhere.  I wasn’t prepared”.

But he should have been.  Jews everywhere, in any country now afflicted with a Mohammedan colony, should be on their guard.  Because I doubt very much that this attack on Mr Gomo is going to be the only one.  All over the world, the Ummah or Mohammedan Mob appears to be much emboldened right now, and as always, the Jews are the first to be attacked. – CM

‘Luckily, Mr Gomo was able to fight off his attackers, return to his girlfriend’s house, and report the incident to Caulfield police station.

“Initially, I just attempted to shield myself from the blows, and then one of them grabbed me from my left side, as if he was trying to drag me somewhere”.

Perhaps these evil thugs meant to kidnap him and subject him to the same kind of horror as a Muslim gang in Paris inflicted on Ilan Halimi. But they failed. – CM

At that point I realized it was very serious, and started fighting back”.

Good on you, Mr Gomo.  Looks like that stint in the IDF has saved your life. – CM

I threw punches at both of them, and managed to grab one of them by the throat, which I proceeded to squeeze as hard as I could”.

Serves the b*st*rd right.  And…that will have left marks. I hope.  I hope the police have got a good description from Mr Gomo, and have circulated it to all medical centres in Melbourne. – CM

“Mr Gomo did not notice a weapon at the time, but police say this slash (click on the link to the original story; you will see the photo – CM) was most likely caused by a screw-driver.

“I pointed at the other man with my free hand and yelled Arabic curses at them as aggressively as possible.

“This startled them quite a bit, and when I pushed the one whose neck I was holding away, they fled towards Kooyong Road”.

“When he got to his girlfriend’s house, she noticed Mr Gomo was covered in scratches, his T-shirt sliced open around the belly, and his face was swollen.

“I did not notice a weapon at the time, but the police later suggested that they might have had a screwdriver or somehting similar”, he said.

“Mr Gomo described his attackers as between the ages of 18 to 20, slim, and of Middle Eastern appearance”.

He believes the T-shirt he was wearing at the time of the attack sparked the ambush.

Actually, my guess is that had he been wearing sidelocks, a kippah and tzitzis, or a Star of David, or anything else at all that allowed him to be identified as Jewish – not necessarily from Israel, just Jewish – he would have been attacked just the same.  Those two Muslims came to an area where they knew they had a good chance of finding a Jew; any Jew they could catch alone and seemingly defenceless was their intended target.  Jew-hatred is hardwired into the core texts of Islam; Muslims were lynching and murdering defenceless Jewish dhimmi communities for over a millennium before the restoration of a Jewish state of Israel on a portion of Jewish traditional land.  Sol Hachuel in Morocco in the early 19th century was not “Israeli” – Muslims persecuted and murdered her simply and solely because she was a Jew. – CM

“It has a scorpion on it and in English it says “stinger”, which is the airforce special forces I was part of, and in Hebrew it says the word “March”, as in the month, and “’08”, the year that my training took place”, Mr Gomo said.

There are some comments on the internet saying that I provoked the attack by wearing the shirt, but I don’t think anyone deserves to be attacked like that, no matter what they’re wearing.

Yes. – CM

“There’s no way anyone would have identified the shirt unless they knew Hebrew.

“Clearly it was an antisemitic attack”.

To be precise, it was a Muslim antisemitic attack. – CM

“I just think everybody has the right to be safe on the street, and if you have a political protest, or something, do it civilly and within the law”.

Mr Gomo: had you been a meek and mild yeshiva student who happened to cross the path of those two would-be predators, you would have been attacked just the same.  They just wanted a Jew, any Jew, to lynch. – CM

‘Caulfield police station Sergeant Peter Burton confirmed the incident (sic: the assault – CM) had happened. “There is an active investigation going on at the moment”, he said.

And I wish it every success.

jwire’s Henry Benjamin adds a few small extra details. But note, yet again, that the headline – Attack in Melbourne – fails to mention they-who-must-not-be-named.

“Attack in Melbourne.

“An evening walk through the leafy suburbs of Elsternwick ended in a vicious attack on a Melbourne man wearing an Israeli T-shirt printed in Hebrew.

“28 year old Zac Gomo turned off Melbourne’s Kooyong Road, heading back to his girlfriend’s home into quiet and dark Parnell St near Glen Huntly around 10 pm on Thursday evening, when he suddenly found two men by his side. He had been on an exercise walk.

“He told J-Wire, “They yelled at me in Arabic calling me a Jew Dog and started attacking me and repeatedly saying “Gaza”.”

“Gomo, who served in the IDF between 2008 and 2010 grabbed one of his attackers by the throat and started yelling at them in Arabic, a language he learned during his time in Israel.

“The Caulfield North man watched as his attackers fled and then headed back to his girlfriend’s home in Elsternwick, having discovered that during the affray he had received cuts.  He believes that while defending himself he had “ hurt one of his attackers badly”.

One hopes the police, once notified of the attack, alerted all the medical centres and hospitals in Melbourne, just in case the defeated and damaged would-be Jew-basher limped in for a repair job. But even if they don’t catch the Mohammedthug, perhaps said Mohammedthug will think twice, next time, before he tries to attack a Jew. – CM

He added, “At the time of the attack I was not aware that they had any weapons, but I have been told that the injuries I sustained and the cuts to my T-shirt could have been caused by a screwdriver.”  Gomo received cuts to his arms, head and stomach.

“He added, “We went straight to Caulfield North police and reported the incident, and the officers were very supportive”.

Gomo arrived back from Israel in 2011.

The article goes on to reproduce the statement by Nina Bassat that I have already discussed above, and then includes the statement issued by B’Nai Brith’s Anti-Defamation Commission in Australia:

“ADC Chairman Dr Dvir Abramovich issued the following statement, “This vile attack is another disturbing reminder that Jewish people in our community continue to be singled out because of their religion. This kind of anti-Semitic targeting is unacceptable and must be denounced and countered in the strongest terms possible by all communal leaders.”

Good luck with getting anything real from the Muslim “clerics” and “community leaders”.  They will mouth all the right things in public, but behind closed doors and in the mosques, where they think no Infidels can overhear them, they will say something quite different – CM

“We will not stand for such violence, and I look forward to seeing those responsible arrested and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

“It is also my hope that we do not see a pattern where anti-Israel attitudes related to the conflict in Israel and Gaza spill over into attacks on Australian Jews.

It’s not just about “anti-Israel attitudes”.  Muslims are taught to hate Jews. Period.  Israel’s remarkably restrained attempts at self-defence against Jihad are merely the Muslim excuse du jour. – CM

“When a victim is assaulted and intimidated because of his or her faith other members of that group feel threatened and unsafe, and the impact reverberates throughout the entire community”.

Yes.  In the Hadiths of Islam, Mohammed is represented as saying, “I have been made victorious by terror”.  The thing that the Australian government needs to understand – quickly  – is this; that with every additional Muslim who is born within the Ummah in Australia, or who steps ashore from a plane or boat, the possibility of a murderous Muslim attack on Jews within Australia increases perceptibly.  The larger and stronger the Ummah is and perceives itself to be vis a vis its Infidel “host” society, the more likely it is to begin to attack the circumambient Infidels.  And Jews are first on the Muslim list of “infidels to be attacked”.  If Dvir Abramovich, and Nina Bassat understood this – which at present I think they do not – they would be citing this assault on Mr Gomo – along with other Muslim attacks on Jews in Australia, for there have been others, as well as the Muslim attacks on Jews  that have recently taken place in other Western countries (most notably, France, which not coincidentally is now ten percent Muslim) – as a good and sufficient reason for the cessation of all further Muslim entry into Australia. – CM


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