'Big Iftar With Benefits and 'British Values'

Islam, as expressed by British Muslims during Ramadan, can actually be a net benefit to society.–Muddassar Ahmed

The Big Iftar, an initiative set up across the UK, strengthens community relations by encouraging and supporting mosques, places of worship and community centres to share iftar – the fast-breaking meal at sunset – with friends and neighbours from different faiths and ethnicities.

DAG6G7-486794For every horror story you hear, many with only tenous links to mainstream Islam, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of stories of kindness, solidarity, compassion, and quiet service by British Muslims to a country that has, in my view, promoted a better society and a better Islam than was possible in the countries their parents left behind.

Barf bag, quick!

Back to reality:

US terror threat: Britain turning ‘blind eye’ to extremists Muselmaniacs, warn American analysts

 “Britain has allowed a whole generation of jihadists to flourish and go on the offensive because they are frightened of criticism for pushing back against a religious minority. … More on British blindness at The Telegraph, thanks to Mullah, pbuh

PuffHo Prop: Islamophobic Trolling On Twitter Is Absolutely Rampant In Britain

There is Islamophobic trolling trolling going on?  What a surprise!

(Despite  all the threats to kill filthy Kuffar and plant the black flag on Number 10)

Of the tweets under that hashtag, the most common phrases were Muslim pigs (9%), Muzrats (14%), Muslim Paedos (30%), Muslim terrorists (22%), Muslim scum (15%), and Pisslam (10%).

‘These filthy unbelievers are pigs’:

Subject: FW: Adebolajo at Harrow protest September 11, 2009Woolwich terror suspect’s rant at rally to incite youngsters

  • Michael Adebolajo filmed addressing crowd of young Muslims outside mosque in north London on anniversary of 9/11
  • Alleged killer tells them not to be scared of ‘filthy non-believers’
  • Moments later crowd hurl bricks and fireworks at the police

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