Child sexual abuse in Australia: are Muslims above the law?

When will our Child Abuse commissariat take on the mullahs? Larry Pickering wonders if Muslims are a protected species. It seems our worst child abusers are immune from prosecution, and not entirely for ‘cultural’ reasons.


… so where have all the Imams gone?

The terms of reference of the Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse are broad-ranging and almost without parameters. It has now turned its attention to swimming coaches after having ripped into every religious sect exposing paedophilia.

Even Cardinal Pell was called as a witness before scampering off to his pre-arranged Vatican “adviser on how to limit payouts” position. Many of the guilty are dead and can’t say sorry, most of the living are still out there avoiding penalty.

Yet the Islamic community, the real practitioners of entrenched child sexual abuse in Australia, remains untouched. No explanation necessary, no witnesses called, no complainants? Is the vile cult of Islam a protected species excused from Royal Commissions? It seems so.

After being betrothed to a female infant, a Muslim man is permitted to sexually gratify himself using the well-known practice of “thighing” where he thrusts his penis between the infant’s legs until he ejaculates. He can penetrate her as soon as she reaches the age of nine. Compulsory clitoral amputation is performed at any time in between.

These abominations are practised now in Australia, hidden within closed Islamic communities. Are some “religions” immune from investigation and prosecution? Are Australian Islamic children less important than Australian Christian children?

I mean, it’s not as if we don’t know about it! It’s no secret!

Avoiding shining a light on Islamic child sexual abuse is tantamount to granting it tacit approval and renders the Royal Commission a hypocritical farce.

Will Australia’s worst paedophiles now be encouraged to adopt Islam so they can continue their filthy practice unhampered under the protected veil of  “cultural difference”?

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  1. they keep saying its the fastest growing religion. Now you know why, it legalizes many horrible actions.

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