Do Violent Rapists Who Threaten To "Burn Down the Place" Deserve a Migrant Bonus?

If a refugee’s background makes him more dangerous, why is he here?

Andrew Bolt

Yet again I have to ask that if a judge or magistrate rules that the background of asylum seekers make them understandably more dangerous, is it fair to our citizens to import more of them?

A TRAUMATISED former asylum-seeker was last week placed on a good behaviour bond after threatening Department of Human Services staff in Dandenong with a bottle of petrol and a cigarette lighter.

The defendant, 28, had threatened to “burn down the place” if he didn’t secure a public housing property “by the end of the day” …

20145311675786734_20Magistrate Jack Vandersteen said “the circumstances in which you came to Australia are highly relevant to the circumstances you’re in now”.

Before his arrival, the man had been under “constant threat” from an Iraqi militia and the “subject of severe abuse” in his homeland. The man fled Iraq after the same militia killed his brother.

While coming to Australia, he survived a “very tragic incident” at Christmas Island. Many of those who died were relatives and close friends of his.

Mr Vandersteen found those events led to the accused’s “multitude of mental health issues” and to his “unacceptable” threats to DHS staff.

Another example:

AN Afghan refugee who raped two women within a week in 2008 has won a reduced sentence because of his traumatic upbringing…

“Although (the sentencing judge) accepted that the appellant suffer[ed] from a post-traumatic stress disorder, as a result of [his] experiences in Afghanistan and consequent depression and anxiety, his Honour does not appear to have related this finding to the burden of imprisonment upon the appellant,’’ the Court of Appeal ruled.

Or note this warning from a Department of Immigration report in 2007:

Australia has assisted in resettling some of the Sudanese who cannot be repatriated. While they are a diverse people with a wide range of experiences, many have spent a long period of time in refugee camps immediately before coming to Australia. The following section describes Kakuma camp in Kenya. Settlers who have spent time in other camps are likely to have experienced similar conditions…

Kakuma refugee camp was established in 1992 to receive a large group of Sudanese children known as the ‘lost boys’… There is frequent violence in the camp. Regular clashes occur among residents, many of them armed, and between camp residents and the local population with whom residents compete for scarce resources. Sexual assault is common.

Like other refugees, many Kakuma residents have spent years living in camps. They have had limited opportunity to grow crops, work, or otherwise provide for themselves. They have lived in fear of violence from other camp residents and from raiders preying upon them both inside and outside the camps. Children may have been born in the camps and be unfamiliar with any other lifestyle…

Settlement considerations

Sudanese entrants may face considerable challenges in adapting to life in Australia. They need time to adapt to a new location, language and cultural framework. Their everyday life skills may have been extensively eroded by their experiences in refugee camps…

Some children may be unfamiliar with formal schooling as a result of living in camps where there is little or no structure to day-to-day living. Moving into a highly structured environment such as a classroom may require assistance… Those who are literate may not be familiar with the Roman alphabet as Arabic has been increasingly used in schools. Most Sudanese entrants have limited English language skills and will require interpreting services and English instruction.

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  1. Australia has assisted in resettling some of the Sudanese who cannot be repatriated.
    Eh! – “The Sudanese who cannot be repatriated” …. (Says Who) …. So – Expel or “Expel” them
    – By Including then in the following “Task List” ….
    1. Incarcerate all Dhimmis(Assistors/Enablers/Traitors/Seditionists).
    2. Stop ALL Muhammadan immigration to the West.
    3. Expel ALL Muhammadans from the West.
    4. Expel ALL unwilling to go Muhammadans.
    5. Bulldoze ALL islam’s “Mostgrotesques”.
    6. Expel ALL -(survived their incarceration)- “Dhimmis” from the West.
    7. Expel ALL unwilling to go -(survived their incarceration)- “Dhimmis“.

    Australia is ill advised by Dhimmis(Assistors/Enablers/Traitors/Seditionists) to Take-on responsible for the Welfare of Economy Based Criminal Asylum Seekers.

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