France: The 'yoots' Were Just Defending Themselves

The ‘racaillie’ were just defending their religion. As always.

I’m not sure threats are a good idea. From Al Jazeera America by Esmerelda Weatherwax

France’s recent ban on pro-Palestine demonstrations in Paris and other major cities has only encouraged demonstrators to the streets, protest organizers say – now, not only against Israel’s ongoing bombardment of Gaza but against the political and socioeconomic marginalization of French minorities.

Muslim Protesters in Europe Protest for Peace by Threatening to Kill Jews

2195850161-450x260Muslim colonisers in Europe were out in force over the week, rioting in Paris and threatening to kill Jews across Europe. (More below the fold)

A movement is mounting, says protest organizer Youssef Boussoumah. And if French police stop French Arab youth from organizing, they risk seeing what he called an “intifada,” or uprising, on the streets of Paris.

“That’s not the goal,” he said. But it might be be inevitable, added Boussoumah, because French youth from minority communities increasingly find themselves “without a platform for political expression and are constantly facing police brutality.”

Boussoumah said he and other Palestine protest organizers are attempting to unify French minorities to rally together for a pacifistic call to preserve the democratic rights of all people. But community organizations are fragmented, he explained.

Still, Boussoumah is hopeful. He and fellow coordinators are hurriedly attempting to build coalitions with organizations that, due to ideological and sometimes religious sectarianism, have previously been at odds. “Palestine will serve to unify us all. Palestine has served the function of uniting people and various causes around the world,” he said.

Protests continued in predominantly French Arab and black neighborhoods on the outskirts of Paris on Sunday. And Parisian Arabs and other pro-Palestine supporters have organized two demonstrations for Wednesday and Saturday. “We don’t know yet whether they will be banned or not,” a Paris police spokeswoman told Al Jazeera,

On Saturday, despite a protest ban, demonstrators took to the streets of the French capital as police encircled and charged at protesters with Tasers and tear gas.

“We were attacked,” protester Amelle El Amraoui told Al Jazeera. Undeterred, Amraoui, 28, said that she will continue to demonstrate. “Hopefully, fighting for the dignity of Palestinians will wake people up to France’s problems with its immigrants as well,” she said. “I admire the black power movement in the United States and the lobby that black Americans have created,” she said. “I would like for our social problems to revitalize and reinforce solidarity between minorities abroad in the United States too.”

Muslim Protesters in Europe Protest for Peace by Threatening to Kill Jews

By Daniel Greenfield for Frontpagemag

Muslim settlers in Europe were out in force over the week, rioting in Paris and threatening to kill Jews across Europe.

They weren’t being too neutral in Switzerland.

The Jewish community in Zurich is concerned over antisemitic incitement on social networks in connection with a pro-Palestinian demonstration today.

Some comments include: “A good Jew is a dead Jew”, “the only medicine against Jews was Adolf Hitler” and “We must exterminate the Jews”.

It wasn’t too peaceful in France.

Fourteen French police officers were wounded and 38 people were arrested at an unauthorized rally to protest Israel’s actions in Gaza.

One group of a dozen men spoke loudly about “hunting Jews and killing them.”

Or the Netherlands.

A chief rabbi of the Netherlands said unidentified individuals hurled stones at his home in what he said was the second anti-Semitic attack on him in a week.

Or Germany, where the new Nazis who have traded armbands for Keffiyahs are making themselves felt.

At a rally, aside from the usual Allah Akbar stuff, there were cries of “Jew, Jew, Cowardly Pig, Come Out and Fight Alone.”

In Dresden (eastern Germany), a synagogue was spray-painted with the slogan “stop killing people” (in English).

In Frankfurt (western Germany), a synagogue was sprayed with “f**k the Jews”.

In Detmold (western Germany), a memorial stone in front of a synagogue was desecrated with red paint, making it look as if it was bloodied.

Or the UK...

Some of the cars flew Palestinian flags, and occupants shouted and swore at Jewish pedestrians (including “Heil Hitler”). Cans and eggs were thrown at Jewish pedestrians from at least two of the cars.

Similarly, that same day in Glasgow on the fringes of a demonstration, a man of south Asian appearance was heard shouting “f**king kill the Jews”.

Bet he votes SNP.

The Religion of Peace certainly is making Europe a more peaceful place.


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  1. Arab settlers in Europe have 2 words, your not the boss of us & don’t tell us what to do. I see Europe burning.

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