Geert Wilders: 'Holland is no Syria, and we are not a caliphate!'

Calling for a Jihad Against Israel in the Hague

Geert Wilders just tweeted that Holland is no Syria, and we are no Caliphate. People with those flags should be arrested, detained, stripped of the Dutch nationality and send abroad and never be allowed to return.

Pro-Hamas Genocide-Support Demo in the Hague by Pamela Geller


The Gates of Vienna has a photo where you can see the swastika sign, a “Boycott Apartheid Israel” sign, and a Nelson Mandela poster: Continue reading →


4 thoughts on “Geert Wilders: 'Holland is no Syria, and we are not a caliphate!'”

  1. These child-raping HAMAS terrorism supporters are – besides everything else – sooooooo damn ugly on so many levels, including physical.

  2. Stop talking about it, start doing it!
    It is taking to long to start moving these brain washed fools out of western countries.
    SAY NO TO BURQAS = is the starting point to removing there flag of submission.

  3. If, you support Islam? that means you support Child marriage, pedophilia, polygamy, execution of gay people, stoning to death of women who are rape victims, extermination of jews, christians and apostates, women are worth half of a man. Muhammad was a pedophile, murder and thief and is the roll model for Islam: Sura 33:21, “you have in Muhammad a beautiful patten of conduct” why wouldn’t it read like that, he wrote it as revelation from Allah. Read the Qur’an, educate yourself, it’s all in there.

  4. Can anyone tell me what the Prophecy of Mohammad Is?
    Did Mohammad tell anyone his Prophacy?

    Islam = Evil
    Mohammad = Satan
    Whomever believes this crap will certainly be going to Hell for not Listening to God Almighty!

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