Hamas Propaganda, Dead Baby Jihad and a Complicit Journaillie

It’s difficult to report the truth when jihadis are threatening to cut your head off. (GWP)

The major networks should run a disclaimer to that effect when they carry reports from Hamas controlled territory.

Italian reporter Gabriele Barbati, who has now left Gaza and is no longer under direct threat of retaliation by Hamas, is telling the truth about what’s going on there. Hamas bombed the Palestinian camp in Shati – not Israel.–CONFIRMED: Hamas Rockets Bombed Palestinian Refugee Camp

Hamas armed wing: no truce if siege continues

201472920185570734_20Qassam Brigades chief says Israel must lift blockade of Gaza, hours after PLO attempt to agree 24-hour ceasefire stalls.

Water is not wet, ice is not cold and Islam is misunderstood: (no shiite)

By placing the unconditional blame for all terrorist attacks on Islam and Muslims, we have conditioned our society to have a generally negative view and perception of the religion and its adherents. For more than two decades, we have gotten it radically wrong; terrorism isn’t a Muslim problem. …

Adam Soltani is executive director of the Oklahoma Council on American-Islamic Relations.  More getting it radically wrong at Oklahoma Gazette thanks to Mullah, pbuh

Bennett to Al Jazeera: Your owner Qatar funds the daily murder of children in Israel and Gaza.

From the Religion of Peace:

Hamasbara and Media Terrorism  (Daniel Greenfield)

Hamas sympathizers in the media may not be willing to die, but they’re more than willing to lie.

Promoting ‘Proportionality’ in the Service of Genocide  (FrontPage)

“The thrust of the disproportionality argument is to deprive Israel of effective self-defense and is a display of moral perversion on the part of its purveyors.”

Israel vs. Hamas: Different this Time?  (Molschky)

Hamas may have bitten off more than it can chew this time around.

How the Media Helps Hamas  (Gatestone)

“‘We know that Hamas uses human shields. But why would you report this when you are sitting in the middle of the Gaza Strip, surrounded by Hamas gunmen?’, says one reporter.”

The Hate-Wave All Over the Islamicized West  (INN)

The Islamic hate-wave is the result of “25 years of extremely short-sighted and inept policy, or actually, absence of firm stand and articulated policy.”

“Moderate” Mustafa Barghouti lies repeatedly to justify Hamas war crimes (Eo)

Here are excerpts of an interview on Australian TV with Mustafa Barghouti showing how much “moderate, pacifist” Palestinian Arabs will lie to justify Hamas war crimes.