Have you ever seen Mohammedans wage jihad for 'a better life?'

China cracks down on Ramadan celebrations
Mass sentencing comes after Beijing vowed to crack down on separatist jihadist groups blamed for a series of attacks.

Greece rescues migrants invaders stranded at sea

Scores rescued after their boat broke down in the Aegean Sea as they attempted to enter the country illegally. (al Jizz)

“Greece is a major entry point for people – mostly from war-torn countries in the Middle East and Africa -seeking a better life in the European Union.”

article-2675029-1F47D08000000578-621_634x454Funny that. I have never seen Mohammedans wage jihad for “a better life”, they wage jihad for the sake of allah and to destroy the kafirs. The hijra, (immigration) is a religious obligation to make the world islamic.

Dozens reported killed by car bomb in Nigeria

Security forces blame Boko Haram for explosion in city of Maiduguri, a week after deadly attacks in Abuja and Bauchi.

Attack, which also wounded seven, comes after al-Shabab threat to step up attacks during fasting month of Ramadan.
At least 30 killed in bombings in troubled northeast region where more than 200 schoolgirls were kidnapped in April.

One thought on “Have you ever seen Mohammedans wage jihad for 'a better life?'”

  1. (AFAIK) … From a Muslim Point Of View, there is no need to choose between “having a better life” and “jihad”, if they invade my house and take my goods and enslave or kill me, they can fulfil both objectives at the same time. From their POV, the rewards of jihad in this life involve acquiring wealth and servants as “booty” from jihad. In what passes for “spirituality” in Islam, they would also achieve the blessing of conforming their daily lifestyle to the shari’a and sunna by closely imitating that bandit Mo. In their hope of an Islamic afterlife, they win, too; if they die in migration or in battle, they are considered to be “martyrs”, receiving special and GUARANTEED blessings in Jenna. But if they just live long healthy lives exploiting stolen goods and slave labour, well, apparently that pleases Allah too; they are thus likely to enter Jenna.

    It’s the sort of religion that appeals to some people. I wonder how crazy they are, before adopting Islam. It certainly instils (or reinforces) a mental disorder.

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