"Hatred Is Not a ‘Core British Value’"

That’s right. Hatred is not a British value.  Its a core Mohammedan value. Its the essence of Islam.

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 Birmingham Citizens Fight (nonexistent) Islamophobia…

(Should read ‘muselmanic headbangers and their leftist enablers demand state-funded madrases, or else….)

BqvrgztIMAAtdQE.jpg-mediumIslamic hate is turning cute little Muslim children into murderous killer zombies

Baby Savages. These cute little Muslim tykes are celebrating the kidnapping of three Jewish teenagers who were then shot to death. (photo tip thanks to Religion of Peace.com) One can only imagine what they will grow up to be. Islamic Jew hatred – it’s in the quran. Stay on top of what’s really happening. Follow […] The post This…

 Muselmanic master of sensitivity training teaches kuffars etiquette

“I worked very closely with public sector organisations providing training sessions on how they could improve working with Muslim families in the area.”

6263787-large“It was basic things like teaching them the etiquette of how to enter a Muslim homeowner’s house, how to treat a Muslim patient….”

What does it take to teach Mohammedans manners? What is needed to teach them tolerance and respect of women, children, the right to worship freely, equal rights for all and to wean them of their genocidal hatred of Jews and other non muslims?


It’s a race against the clock and the West is losing.

We need more mosques, more immigration from OIC lands and polygamy must be established ASAP! How else can we make sure Australia’s #1 spot as source for Islamic extremists jihadists (per capita) remains unchallenged?

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You’ll Never Guess Which Country Is the Biggest Per Capita Contributor of Foreign Jihadists to ISIS

It isn’t in the Middle East or Central Asia or even in Europe. It’s Down Under

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