Israel: after 300 rockets, Israel launches “Operation Protective Edge” against Hamas

Obama Turns Against Israel as Hamas’ Barrage of Rockets Continue, Israel Launches “Operation Protective Edge”

While Islamic savages fire rockets into the tiny Jewish state, Obama is writing strongly worded oped’s praising the jihadists while backhandedly scolding Israel.  (Atlas)

Israel steps up deadly Gaza offensive

 At least 14 dead and dozen others wounded in air strikes on Gaza Strip amid reports of possible ground offensive.

The head of the International Union of Muslim Scholars (IUMS), a Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated group, called upon fellow Islamists and Arabs to declare holy war against Israel “for the sake of Palestine.”

Most of the time, Hamas and Islamic Jihad are happy to announce deaths of their members, ushering them into paradise. But not during wartime.
Today, Abbas’ advisor Sultan Abu Al-Einein posted on Facebook an article quoting his statements inciting violence and murder of Israelis, calling for a return to the PA terror of the Intifada a decade ago. He called for targeting “settlers” to “teach [them] a harsh lesson” and for spreading “threat and terror,” so that “the occupation… itself [will] accept condolences,” indicating his support for the murder of Israelis:
“The greatest answer to this question is in the Qur’an, where Allah speaks about the nearby enemy – those Muslims who have become infidels – as they are more dangerous than those which were already infidels.”
“The latest violence came as Israel pressed forward with its investigation of six Jewish youths suspected of abducting and killing a Palestinian teenager” — here is the difference between the civilized man and the savage. In Gaza, those who murder Israelis are celebrated as heroes.

The readiness to believe Arab propaganda, that is to believe the worst about Israel in its without-end campagins to defend itself against Jihad, from the PLO, from Hamas, from Hezbollah, from Islamic Jihad, from whatever group or groupuscule of Muslims, currently chooses to wage open war against Israel, and who are so dutifully supported by whatever group or groupuscule of non-Muslims who, out of antisemitism or ignorance, or both, chooses to misrepresent what Israel does in response to those trying to destroy it.

In the last week, about 300 rockets have been fired at Israeli cities. They were not aimed at military targets, but only sent off into the ether, so that they might land somewhere in Israel, killing or wounding someone. Israel has attacked nearly 100 sites in Gaza, but until now, so great has been the Israeli military’s solicitousness, so amazing its ability to target, that not a single Arab civilian has yet been killed as a result of Israeli attacks (the Hamas claim that several of its operatives were killed as a result of a tunnel cave-in brought on by an Israeli bomb has been forcefully denied by Israel).

As you mentally prepare yourself  for  the media onslaught and the distortion, perhaps re-reading the analysis of Muhammad Bakri’s propaganda film “Jenin, Jenin,” that mkore than a decade ago was written by Dr. David Sangan (who served in Jenin during a previous Israeli effort at self-defense), will be instructive..It will remind you of the torrent of lies that  accompany, or come after, every such effort. Here’s a general rule: the Israelis tell the truth, or try to; their enemies tell lies, or try to. It’s that simple.

Dr. Sangan on Jenin, the movie, and Jenin, the campaign, here.