"Its Genocide!"

Mahmoud rubs it
That’s a hard sell: Pal-Arabs have multiplied by a factor of 7 since they got themselves roasted after their attempted genocide on the Jews in 1948.
This is bad:
Obummer willing to negotiate with terrorists

Obama: U.S. willing to negotiate cease-fire between Israel and Hamas

Netanyahu should not accept this, if he can possibly avoid doing so. Obama will only press Israel to make more disastrous, self-defeating concessions. “Obama: U.S. willing to negotiate Israel cease-fire,” Associated Press, July 10, 2014 (thanks to John): President Barack Obama is telling Israel’s leader that the United States is willing to negotiate a cease-fire […]Continue Reading »

Pali Spokestard destroyed on CNN (never thought I’d see the day! Diana (?) whines about a “captive civilian child population” and “racism” which  doesn’t come into it. This woman is not bad looking, but her brain is fried by Islamic mush. She can’t tell the difference between reality and spin).

Hard time to erase the twitter message !

On Wednesday afternoon, the Council on American Islamic Relations Twitter account featured an article from the anti-Israel blog Electronic Intifada that justifies Palestinian terror towards Israel. Minutes later, the group deleted the tweet but it…TRUTHREVOLT.ORG
“People who want to ban martyrdom operations are trying to alter the religion of Allah.”

“People who want to ban martyrdom operations are trying to alter the religion of Allah.” Jihadi Cleric Omar Bakri explains how suicide terror attacks are a basic part of Islamic beliefs. At least for the more radical Islamic groups.

Has there ever been a religion which preaches suicide in G-d’s name as the ultimate tenet of that religion?

This is so completely alien to philosophy of the Jewish religion that you wonder how anyone can claim that Islam evolved somehow from Judaism. The Jewish religion embraces life. All Jewish laws and tenets are “put on hold” in order to save life. There is nothing more basic to Judaism than that.

This stark contradiction between two religious philosophies deomonstrates exactly what is going on in Israel today. There is no way to peacably negotiate with a People whose religion dictates that for every member of society, men women and children, the ultimate service of Allah is suicide in His service. It justifies all violations of human rights in Moslem countries and especially in Palestine.

Can Israel or any peace seeking democratic country tolerate such a vile ideology on or within its borders?

2 thoughts on “"Its Genocide!"”

  1. Jihadi Cleric Omar Bakri…..you mean the man who calls himself, a harmless clown???

    Several years ago, Whilst Bakri was still in the UK he tried to pass himself off as “harmless” and “just a clown” to a British jurno.

    BTW, in the British DM, today, there was an article about Bakri’s latest and newest wife attempting to apply for asylum in the UK from Lebanon.

  2. Its not so much Bakri passing himself off as a clown, its that he, like Anjem Chaudrey, tells the truth (he usually does) about Islam. And what’s far worse is that western journaillie, the learned anal-ysts, our talking heads and politprops try to ignore it. And we can no longer tolerate that kind of treason.

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