Londonistan: Hysterical Muselmob Attacks Synagogue; Daily Mail Reports "150 Jewish Men Go On Rampage"

How dare these bloody Jews defend themselves! It seems not only Islamic savages have issues with Jews not wanting to lie down and die:

Hilarious BS Headline From the Daily Mail:

Shocking scenes as 150 Jewish men go on rampage in Paris streets and clash with pro-Palestinian demonstrators

  • About 150 men took to the streets armed with metal bars and sticks
  • None were arrested despite going on the rampage in front of police
  • Six pro-Palestinian demonstrators arrested over synagogue break in


Stop launching rockets into Israel and you won’t have to go through this

Otherwise, you can look forward to a lot more dead Muslims. YOUR choice. (BNI)

Why do so many de facto supporters of Hamas feel the need to proclaim that they are not supporters of Hamas?

Leftards are not only reality-challenged. I think they’re crippled inside:

Hamas is a social organisation as well as a political one. It has roots in every part of Gaza society. I am not a supporter of Hamas. But Hamas has a better idea of what Israel’s aims and motives are…Socialist Unity explains it all to you

Palli Logic:


Islamic Jihad: Israel heading to hell through continued war

Ramadan ShallahRamadan Shallah

The secretary general of the Palestinian movement Islamic Jihad, Ramadan Shallah, said on Sunday that the Israeli occupation is heading to Hell through its continued war on the Gaza Strip.

There is no “occupation”. There is no “continued war on the Gaza Strip”. There are Islamic savages shooting thousands of rockets at Israeli civilians, and that has to stop, by all and any means.


Obama Wants To Disarm American Christians, While He Gives Arms To Muslims To Slaughter Christians In The Middle East

In other news:

U.N. dictatorships tried but failed to block Hillel Neuer’s “Catalog of U.N. Inaction on Human Rights” speech delivered before the United Nations in June 2014: …

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From “Harry’s Place”

“We desire death like you desire life”

Gene, July 16th 2014

For the terminally naive, a reminder: Hamas’s use of women, children and old people as human shields is not just Israeli hasbara. A Hamas MP proudly proclaimed it back in 2008. Recent events have not proven him wrong.

In other words this wasn’t really a slip of the tongue:

By celebrating death, Hamas follows in the footsteps of the Spanish fascist Jose Millan Astray, famous for uttering the awful civil war-era slogan “¡Viva la Muerte!”.


One thought on “Londonistan: Hysterical Muselmob Attacks Synagogue; Daily Mail Reports "150 Jewish Men Go On Rampage"”

  1. We lost the battle, but we will win the war !

    “Just hours later, Justice Robertson issued orders rejecting Mr Hamilton’s application for time to consider continuing the case, bringing it to an end for all parties.

    Since the case began, two pro-BDS groups have been established, one at Sydney University called “Sydney Staff for BDS”, and what purports to be a national movement “Australians for BDS”.

    Professor Lynch and his pro-BDS allies now plan to renew and intensify their campaign, after what he called his “comprehensive legal victory”.

    “It gives the green light for many more Australians to take their own action in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle for rights and freedoms we are lucky enough to be able to take for granted,” Professor Lynch said.”

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