Meet Australia's Bludjahideen

Kudos to Tim Blair for enriching us once again with a  word concocted from ‘dole bludger’ and ‘mujahedeen’, the ‘Bludjahideen’!  The  ‘Bludjahideen’ certainly deserve a place in the Australian dictionary, right next to ‘Frightbat’.

Here’s an update on our tax-funded bludjahideen: MUSA THE LOSER

One of Australia’s most-wanted terrorists and a suspected war criminal, Khaled Sharrouf continued to receive a taxpayer-funded disability pension months after arriving on the battlefields of Syria.

Nigeria: Imam arrested for stockpiling guns at mosque

Soldiers in Aba on Sunday carried out an early morning raid at Aba Central Mosque and the residence of some Muslims in the town and arrested the Chief Imam of the mosque, Idris Bashir; his deputy, Mohammed Hassan; and eleven others over suspicion of stockpiling guns and planning to manufacture bombs.

Conroy’s wet dream coming true in Porkistan:

ISLAMABAD: A draft code of conduct prepared by the government for the electronic media contains a long list of “do’s and don’ts” but there is no answer to the real question as to who would regulate these private television channels.

No longer hiding behind the bush in Buffalo, ‘iftar’ grubfest comes to City Hall

The Ramadan fast is extreme, with no water or food allowed during daytime. But that “daytime” changes from year to year, relative to the Western calendar, since Ramadan is determined by a lunar calendar.

Now in its sixth year, Harmony Iftar is an annual Ottawa event…

…hosted during Ramadan to invite people of all faiths to the feast in an exercise of community building and education to do da’awa and call the kafirs to submit to Islam…..

Mosqueteers with firearms

Abdur-Rahman is a former member of the mosque’s security team and legally owns a firearm. He acknowledged that, at one point, all members of the mosque were able to bring in their firearms. “There’s a sickness going on with this thing,” Abdur-Rahman said.

Absurd drivel about White House “Iftar”, Muslim grievance theatre and manufactured history

Head in the sand:

Nigerian Christian leader: West ignores Boko Haram’s Islamic motives