Muslims honor all the prophets… with sledgehammers and firebombs!

Obama urges the Israeli’s to practice ‘restraint’

Arab Rioters Firebomb Joseph’s Tomb in Shechem... arsonists hurling molotov cocktails at the Jewish holy site. 200 firebombs thrown at Rachel’s Tomb in past three months… Youths hurl firebombs at Joseph’s Tomb in Nablus  …
article-2685923-1F81DC1E00000578-288_634x344Shocking moment ISIS militants take sledgehammers to Mosul tomb of Prophet Jonah as more than 50 blindfolded bodies are found massacred south of Baghdad

  • ISIS militants filmed taking sledgehammers to tombstones in Mosul, Iraq
  • Donning balaclavas and black clothing, they swung weapons into tombs
  • One grave belonged to Prophet Jonah, revered by Muslims and Christians
  • Rebels believe special veneration of tombs is against teachings of Islam
  • Comes as more than 50 bodies have been found in city south of Baghdad
  • Most of the bodies were blindfolded with gunshot wounds, said authorities
  • Investigation is underway to establish the circumstances of the killings

One of the devastated tombstones belonged to the Prophet Jonah (Younis in Arabic) and was revered by Muslims and Christians alike, according to Iraqi authorities.

In other news:

Hamas warns Israel of ‘looming 3rd intifada’

A second Fatah terror group is now shooting rockets at Israelis

The world is so wedded to the idea that Fatah represent the “good guys” and that they are “peace partners” that these facts must be downplayed, at the risk of revealing the truth: that there is really no difference between Fatah and Hamas.

hamas-gazaOsama Hamdan, Hamas’ foreign relations chief, said Israel is stunned at the intelligence information about the capabilities of the Palestinian resistance. (I doubt it)

IAF destroys homes of all Hamas commanders, kills senior members

Israel can bomb a house but it is the secondary explosions that level the block.

(JPost) In recent air strikes on Gaza, all of the homes of Hamas brigade commanders have been destroyed, Israel Radio reported early on Wednesday.

According to a report by the Palestinian news agency Ma’an, one of the homes targeted was that of senior Islamic Jihad terrorist Hafiz Mohammed Hamad. In the strike early on Tuesday, Hamad and five of his family members were reportedly killed. (eye on the world)