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Hamas To Social Media: Make Sure You Say This And Don’t Show That

Todenhöfers Toys & Dolls

Fauxtography Of The Day: Tool And The Toys Edition

Meet Jürgen Todenhöfer, German executive, author and former politician.


Todenhöfer and his dolls get around. Just like “Green Helmet Man”- remember him?

He is also a hater of Israel, as evidenced by this Facebook post of his.


10464211_10152319699840838_8070222066683859776_nNotice anything strange about the photo?

Yep, you guessed it (or not). Those toys look mighty clean next to all of that rubble. And what a coincidence all of them happen to be on top, readily photograph-able.

Which suggests that they were placed there after the fact to make the photo look more poignant (by no means a new trick).

I suspect Herr Todenhöfer had a part to play in this contrivance.


doll2-550x366Pictures like this are making the rounds, and some are fooled:

Relying on BBC propaganda methods, Hamas uses horror film still to fake a teenager killed in Gaza by Israel:

hamas-final-destination-2picThe propaganda is ugly, evil, and, because it goes categorically unchallenged, rampant. So brazen and confident are these genocidal haters, they think nothing of using a film still. A pathetic Al Dura-inspired hoax. – See more at: Pamela Geller

Meet Dr. Mads Gilbert

It’s a Mads Mads world – UPDATED

I worry when I see the likes of Mads Gilbert being taken seriously.  Gilbert is part of the Hamas propaganda machine.

Gilbert is an active member of Norway’s Red Party, a Maoist organization formed in 2007, which begs the question as to how someone who perpetuates the ideology of a tyrant whomurdered 45 million of his own people over four years can be described as a “humanitarian.” Nor does Gilbert have a track record of helping anyone other than the Palestinians; as the journalist Benjamin Weinthal revealed on Twitter, his emails and phone calls to Gilbert asking the doctor why he wasn’t treating victims of the slaughter in Syria were met with silence. Some people have given Mads the respect he deserves.  He still has a fan club among  demented Jew-haters…

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  1. And here a report that one of Hamas’s rockets has destroyed a power line by which Israel supplies electricity to Gaza. Yes -Israel supplies electricity, water and much else to an entity that is at war with it. NB: Hamas has not paid its water or electricity bills.

    Hamas wants Israel to repair the damage NOW. Or else the world and the BBC will be informed of the collective punishment that Israel is inflicting on civilians, women and children.

  2. OK, we’ve gotta remember that creating, perpetrating and perpetuating the liberal agenda is sooooo much more important than the truth. All together now ………

  3. @Pray Hard,

    “liberal agenda is sooooo much more important than the truth.”

    Just think, it is incredible to ponder, that the party of the KKK and the pro-segregation in America have successfully “created and perpetrated” the myth that ‘they’ are the party that really support and advocate for black people in the US.

    That they were able to sell that con is unbelievable for over 50 years is unbelievable. SMH.

    ….. or that they can still perpetuate the false myth thatIslam is the religion of peace…

    Umm, what else is there…..

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