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Russia lies

Andrew Bolt

I’ve just watched some footage from a popular chat show on Russian TV where some clown went on at some length how Ukraine had, with American help, shot down MH17 itself in such a clever way that the wreckage fell in rebel-held area. And, with everyone else nodding wisely, he said this was a plot to discredit Russia and its allies.

Dutch TV has just shown a startling report contrasting what Russia’s cowed media reports to Russians and what Russia says to the rest of the world. And even that is poisonous, to judge by Russia’s English-language RT network, whose sick reports I’ve been following.

So Julia Davis has written a piece that could be useful in rebutting Russia’s lies:

Here is a collection of the most outrageous lies with respect to the shooting down of the Malaysia airliner.

Read on. Pravda lives.


 In other news:

Malaysia Airlines rerouted a Kuala Lumpur-to-London flight over Syrian airspace on Sunday after its usual route over Ukraine was closed. These people fear nothing but allah:

4 thoughts on “Pravda Lives”

  1. I am not convinced that the Russians are lying at all. NATO and the US never have clean hands, and false flag attacks cannot be ruled out until the evidence decisively proves otherwise.

    Muslims used false flag attacks to get the US and NATO to attack the Serbs. That led to a complete train wreck.

  2. Righhht. Because the Russians would never do anything so dastardly.

    “Girkin postured, writing: “We warned you – don’t fly in our skies” –so sayeth the Russian colonizer.

    Umm, our skies? Our skies!? Go. Go home to Russia, Ukraine does not belong to you no matter how many centuries of tyranny you imposed upon them. You and Moscow are in breach of the 1994 Budapest Memorandium. Furthermore, if Russia, is going to erroneously lay claim to the Crimea, than Russia, without appearing to be total hypocrites on their alleged right to reclaim sovereignty of land that ‘historically’ belongs to Others, than Russia must return land it took in the 1940’s to Finland-the Finnish Karelia. Land that Russia took in the Winter War and the Continuation War.

    After all, if Russia has a “right” to the Crimea, than Finland has a right of return of their own ceded land from Russia. Although one should not be holding their breath on Russia returning anything.

    Hitting the commercial airline was a major FUBAR by the Russians and has brought the world’s attention onto to finally having to reckon with Russia’s invasion into the Ukraine.

  3. Hill,
    I understand where you’re coming from but I have seen much and being an ex serving member of the ADF I have come to see that much is kept from the Australian public. If it happens on a smaller scale what would it be like on the world stage.

    I would love to think of the west as the righteous ones that stand for values and all things good but my expectations have been dashed, I’ve seen too much to think otherwise.

    The international community has been calling for decisive action against Russia for a long time now to no avail. This is too reminiscent of Sadams fall from power and the failed ‘smoking gun’ WMD’s story that was pretty much the sudden decline of the Arab world today.

    I would not put it past any Western Government complicity in what happened. Tragedy draws people together and the powers that be know this.

    Don’t get me wrong I certainly know that Russia isn’t innocent, history shows that all too well, but we know enough already to show the West (civilised countries) aren’t shining knights either.

    I think it will be a long time or maybe we may never know what’s happening but please don’t put too much credence on the media. Governments leak information to them knowing they’ll run with a story.

    If for example Russia was taken out of the equation for the Wests expansion how many $$ do you think big business would make? It all comes down to the $$, sadly Governments are the windows for BIG business.

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