Ramadan Death Count Round Up


Australian soldier killed in Afghanistan

He was a highly respected special forces operative. No facts established yet. The soldier was not killed in combat. Australia has about 400 troops still in Afghanistan

Israel buries three of its children, Arab savages gloat


Despicable Juan Cole blames Jews for the boys’ murders

Cole lies as easily as he breathes. And he never corrects his lies, a sure sign of someone for whom ideology trumps facts.

Tens of thousands stream to cemetery for burial of three teens

The difference between a culture of life and one of death….


Ramadan Death Count Round Up

  (June 30, 2014/Eye on the world)

(Somalia) A car bomb was detonated inside a market in Mogadishu today killing two people and wounding seven.This came a day after al-Shabaab, the main terrorist outfit, declared that Ramadan is the perfect time for killing. So much for a peaceful month then.(Egypt) 2 police officers were killed while attempting to defuse a bomb left outside the President’s palace.

(Kashmir) 18 Muslims, seeing in the start of Ramadan with a sneaky drink or two, died after their home made brew poisoned them.

Got to love these pious bigots who bitch that working near alcohol is forbidden and that everybody must observe Ramadan, yet die from having a tipple.

(Pakistan) After a couple of weeks of softening up the Taliban with airstrikes, the Pakistani army marched into the North-West Frontier in which to show them who are the top dogs. The thing is, for the past 11 years the Pakistani army has been doing this on a yearly basis – they bomb, send in the tanks, lose a lot of troops and sign a peace treaty. Anyway, they killed 17 Taliban terrorists today. Expect the figure to rise (on both sides).

(Iraq) A bomb was set off in Baghdad today, killing one and injuring seven.

(Thailand) A village deputy was shot dead inside a mosque today by Islamic terrorists who have continued with their blood lust in which to cede the southern half of Thailand away and form a pure Islamic state. The killing of Muslims who don’t support their ways is their way of saying that Allah doesn’t approve.

(Syria) A barrage of mortar shells hit areas of the northern city of Idlib on Monday,today killing 14 people and wounding at least 50.

(Beirut)  Three Palestinians were shot dead and seven people wounded in a gunfight in southern Beirut today on the edge of the Palestinian refugee camp of Shatila

(Saudi Arabia) A Saudi man killed his brother with a knife during a fight at their house in the town of Al Haet.

Ramadan death toll is now at 408.

Truth-challenged Mustards throw hissy fits:

TV personality Katie Hopkins was at the centre of a Twitter storm last night after suggesting Ramadan sparks violence in the Middle East.

The former Apprentice star was accused of “ignorance” after making controversial comments about the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, during which Muslims fast between dawn and sunset.

She tweeted: “Ramadan typically brings a spike in violence in Middle East. I get grumpy when I don’t eat – but I don’t blow things up. Religion of peace?”