"The cycle of violence…."

Israeli strikes resume after brief Gaza calm

 Israeli Prime Minister orders renewed air strikes on Gaza Strip as Egyptian proposal for ceasefire falls through.


Another Blood Libel from the PA; 

Official PA daily: Jews’ God demands “Passover Matzah made from the blood of our children”

An article in the PA daily is claiming that the Protocols of the Elders of Zion teaches Jews that their God wants Passover “Matzah made from the blood of our children”

There is no end to this  vile Mohammedan bile.


From the Elder:

Hamas says cease fire proposal “not worth the ink it is written with”

Their reasoning is entirely based on the Koran,  from the  Koranic chapter “The Elephant”. But all the learned anal-ysts know that Islam’s got nothing to do with Islam, so don’t bother looking.

The “moderates” of Fatah don’t accept a ceasefire either

The Abu Nidal Brigades of Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah movement are taking credit for shooting two rockets at Kerem Shalom – the crossing where Gazans get their food and fuel – as well as rockets towards Ashdod.

All of these occurred well after Israel accepted a ceasefire.

Why can’t a single reporter ask Mahmoud Abbas or Saeb Erekat about why the supposedly peaceful faction that Abbas leads is shooting rockets?

If rockets are the way Palestinians engage in discourse, then Apaches, gunships and assassinations are simply the way Israelis correct their grammar.

Arab writer justifies Pali terrorism as mere “anti-colonialist counter-discourse”

Rana Baker is creating and pushing her own, new model of morality, where Palestinians – and only Palestinians – do not have to adhere to any laws, ethics or standards.

In other news:

Alternative Universe at Brandeis: 

Real bad craziness: Inside Brandeis University’s Faculty Listserv

Mary Baine Campbell, a Brandeis English professor:

“Ayaan Hirsi Ali claims to have had a difficult early life, and it may be true. However, she’s an ignorant, ultra-right-wing extremist, abusively, shockingly vocal in her hatred for Muslim culture and Muslims, a purveyor of the dangerous and imaginary concept, born of European distaste for the influx of immigrants from its former colonies, ‘Islamofascism’ – which has died on the vine even of the new European right wing. To call her a ‘woman’s rights activist’ is like calling Squeaky Fromm an environmentalist.”
“To honor someone at graduation who is notorious for inciting hate, defending violence and insulting the bearers of one of the world’s most populous faiths, including many students and faculty, not to mention parents, is not ‘hosting.’ It’s complicity in defamation,” she added.

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  1. First we were serenaded by these pitiable pictures if Gaza. Byt more i read, d more I realised its more nd more like d situation in my country- India nd d attocious attitude we face from Pakistan…we gave off land to them but never cud mansge peace. Invertly or overgly, we r constantly paying d price for decades of forbearance..

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