The Mother of All(-ahs) Judges: "jihad is not what happened on 9/11"

From the Grunard’s Sadhbh Walshe:

Jihad, justice and the American way: is this a model for fair terrorism trials?

Janet C. HallJudge Janet Hall was not willing to entertain the Fox News-ification of terrorism. “There is no way to rationalize the sentences” the government had recommended, she said, at least not based on claims that two men promoted “violent jihad” and provided what is known as “material support” for terrorists.

“In my view,” the judge said, “jihad does not equal terrorism. In a perversion of what Islam teaches, terrorists have misappropriated the concept of jihad from its true meaning – struggle. But jihad is not what happened on 9/11.”

ae0b4272-27d9-45e1-aa9a-bd57b6e5de23-460x276‘People have received lower sentences than the government is seeking in this case who were convicted of crimes more serious than what you did,’ a judge told Babar Ahmad and Talha Ahsan on Wednesday afternoon.