The Obama regime is openly hostile to Israel


Bordering? Hussein Obama doesn’t believe in borders:

The Obama regime is openly hostile to Israel

Breitbart Senior Editor-at-Large and author of The People Vs. Barack Obama, Ben Shapiro, lambasted the Obama administration’s “anti-Israel,” “borderline Jew-hating” policies in an appearance on the Thursday broadcast of Fox’s “The Kelly File.” He criticized the president for failing to attach any conditions for aid to the Palestinian Authority, despite the fact that terrorist organization Hamas is a part of the unity government.  He stated “we are currently funding a terror group…they’re currently firing rockets at Israel and our taxpayer dollars are going to that government.”

Shapiro also attacked the administration’s handling of the kidnapping and murder of three Jewish boys by Palestinian terrorists, saying that the administration “didn’t threaten to withdraw aid. For three weeks the president of the United States himself said absolutely nothing and then finally when he did say something he said that Israel should act with restraint with regards to the people.”

Two Pali interfaith seekers tried to sneak into kibbutz, with guns:

Two Pali ‘martyrdom seekers’ were taken out by IDF forces after they attempted to sneak into the kibbutz. Two more met the virgins when they ran into IDF forces in the same location. Security officials have now blocked off the roads to the kibbutz, due to concerns that more terrorists may try and sneak in.

Stop Funding Savages!

Congress Moves To Halt Palestinian Funding, Challenges Obama To Justify Continued US Support

originalObama will send them the money anyway. It’s not like he cares what the American people think.

WASHINGTON (DefenseNews) — The US Congress is targeting the Palestine Authority (PA) with a cutoff of funds unless US President Barack Obama can justify how continued support to Ramallah advances national security needs.  (Eye on the world)