The world is a Mosquerade

Father: Teenager fighting in Syria was ‘radicalised by imam’

He [the imam] encourage them and sent them down this road,”(sic)  Mr Kalantar said. The imam reportedly told the BBC he “completely denied” the allegations. An imam wouldn’t lie to you, would he?

Around 500 Britons Koranimals with British documents are believed to have travelled to Syria, where Isis militants are involved in fighting. Click on this link, here, to see what they’re doing. Warning: extreme violence!

_75762973_75761692The father of a British teenager who travelled to Syria to join jihadists believes his son was radicalised by an imam at a UK mosque.

Rahim Kalantar told the BBC his son Ali, 18, travelled to Syria with two friends from Coventry in March and believed he was now fighting with Isis. He said he was sent “down this road” by an imam – who denied the allegations. Ali is believed to have travelled to Syria with Rashed Amani, also 18, who had been studying business at Coventry University. Up to 500 Britons are thought to have travelled to the Middle East to fight in the conflict, officials say.

Grandfather Mr Muthana, who moved to Cardiff from his native Yemen more than 40 years ago, said he did not necessarily believe his sons had been radicalised online.

‘Who is supporting this, giving money, direction, transport from my house to the airport? There are big, big people behind it,’ he said. ‘Where are they and where they come from I don’t know.’ (Your mosque, gramps, your mosque!)

Police investigating after Britain First go to two Gillingham Mosques objecting to a planning application for a new place of worship Islamic fort

A “right-wing group” descended on two mosques in Gillingham threatening action if a planning application for a new place of worship is not withdrawn.–More moskerades at Kent Online

Gungahlin mosque court challenge dismissed in ACT Supreme Court

The development plans for the site on Valley Avenue received approval from authorities in August 2012. …More moskerades at ABC News/Mullah

“Mosque opponents to take fight to Victoria’s highest court with help of right wing extremists”

Barf bag, quick! Remind me: when was the last time the lame stream media called anyone a ‘left wing extremist?’ Don’t you find it sickening how the journaillie and the politprops side with muselmanic savages? 

ANTI mosque campaigners in Bendigo will lobby right wing extremists nationwide to bankroll a possible appeal to Victoria’s highest court.

Calls at the meeting for Bendigo to be specially legislated as a mosque-free city by the State Government have been labelled as “offensive” by Planning Minister Matthew Guy.

“To target people based on their faith goes against everything Australia stands for as a peaceful, tolerant nation,” Mr Guy said.

Mr Guy is a useful idiot and a lackey of Islam. Islam means submission. We won’t submit.


“We would not have to take this action if the council had it’s (sic) people’s interest at heart — NO community consultation, a planning application with far too many planning anomalies to even be considered at this time, unenforceable limitations placed on its approval and no consideration of social cohesion or security,” it read.

5463162-3x2-340x227 Recent reports said that two Australians, Khaled Sharrouf and Mohamed Elomar, were fighting for IS in Iraq and had murdered hostages. These were familiar names. Sharrouf was a convicted terrorist, having been arrested in November 2005 as part of Operation Pendennis, an investigation that foiled two terrorist cells in Melbourne and Sydney. (More)

‘Ahrar Al-Sunna’ Calls to Destroy All Lebanon Churches

Where are the Christian armies who call for the destruction of all mosques?

ISIS Celebrates 4th of July By Blowing Up Shia Shrines In Iraq


TEHRAN (FNA)- A Lebanese Ba’albek-based terrorist group of ‘Ahrar al-Sunna’ called for a demolition of all churches across Lebanon – in line with a purported injunction by ISIL militant groups’ leaders. … More Churchophobia at Fars News

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