We Must Learn From China

Chinese Curtail Ramadan Observation And Brush Off Muslim Protests Abroad 
Turkish Muslim Uighurs (?) pray for members of their community allegedly killed by the Chinese security forces in China’s far-western Xinjiang autonomous region, in Ankara, on Friday. Placards read “Stop the Uighur Genocide” and “64 years of Chinese occupation in East Turkistan”. (AFP)
Saudis and expatriates (?)  have slammed the Chinese government’s ban on Muslims in the Xinjiang region from fasting in Ramadan and praying at mosques, as a violation of human rights. (Remember: only Muslims are human. We are considered sons of apes and swine, filthy, worthless…kafirs)
They urged Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries to take political and economic action against China for its oppressive policy. They also called for a boycott of Chinese products.
The 57-member Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), meanwhile, said it has contacted the Chinese government to discuss the issue.
“We are waiting for a reply from China,” an informed source told Arab News.
(They might have to wait for a long time.)  Here.

Hugh Fitzgerald comments:

Apparently the government of China, even though it needs plenty of oil from Muslim lands, has no intention of heeding Muslim howls of protest. Why can’t the governments in the Western world learn to be, in this respect, more like the Chinese? Why pay any attention at all to Muslim desires, Muslim protests? Islam teaches hatred of non-Muslims. Muslims believe those teachings. Many of them have shown themselves willing to act on those teachings, and others to support, or to run interference for — by denying what Islam’s books contain — those who do act.

Learn from China. Make the conduct of Muslim life difficult all over the Western world. You have a perfect right, as non-Muslims, to protect yourselves.