In this video we give you the more lurid version that comes from a Pakistani cleric, who is ever uglier than his Saudi counterpart. Enjoy.


Hamas tards meet virgins, war porn:

Good shooting:  five Hamas “naval commandos” came ashore in Israel north of the Gaza border, where they were promptly eliminated in an IDF helicopter strike.

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Islamic State: Qur’an says that fighting Infidels takes precedence over fighting IsraelIslamic State: Qur’an says that fighting Infidels takes precedence over fighting Israel

“The greatest answer to this question is in the Qur’an, where Allah speaks about the nearby enemy – those Muslims who have become infidels – as they are more dangerous than those which were already infidels.” When are the moderate Muslim spokesmen in the U.S. going to deign to explain to us how the Islamic […]  / Comment/Continue Reading »

Hamas is the Pali “government”


5 thoughts on “Virgins!”

  1. Good – only ….
    2,038,039,995 to go
    (But most of them will be sent to “Allah” Heaven by the Muhammadans themselves – [ie. Self-Regerating Virgins – 72 Females and 28 Youths]).
    • I thought a male was only worth 2 Females in islam.
    • But the ratio in “Allah” Heaven is 72/28 = 2.571428571428571486714285714285714286
    • Caught ya lie’n ag’in Muhammad.

    Going on the estimate of Muhammadans in the world from …

  2. @John Daniel,

    At the rate in which, they take pleasure in eviscerating each other, one would think the number has to be below 2 billion by now? Yet, somehow it always stays the same, at the 2 billion mark?

    Additionally, who cares about their braggadocious numerical claim? They are forgetting that the world is made up of a further 5 billion who neither like or trust the Muslim. Muslims frequently whinge and make threats about Al Andalusia and other lost places that they once occupied.

    And in their vanity they have forgotten, that nonmuslims too have a long memory relating to Muslim aggression and violence and that we have not forgotten or forgiven their assaults and invasions visited upon us.

  3. No wonder civilised Western nations have problems with their Islamic immigrant hordes. It is not just to do with their obnoxious totalitarian death cult – they appear to have the attitude of a mentally deficient eleven year old virgin.

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