Israel steps up deadly Gaza Strip offensive

At least 27 dead and 130 wounded in air strikes on strip, as Palestinian president appeals for international help. (al Jizz)

Israel’s intense bombardment of the Gaza Strip has killed at least 27 people and wounded 130 others, Palestinian officials have said.

Israel on Tuesday said it was ready for a long-term offensive against Hamas in the Palestinian territory after a surge in rocket attacks on Israeli towns.

“We are preparing for a battle against Hamas which will not end within a few days,” Defence Minister Moshe Yaalon said in a statement.

Israeli said it had undertaken more than 273 airstrikes against the strip on Tuesday.

In other news:

New York Times criticizes Israel for trying to save Arab lives

This is really sickening reporting by the New York Times…

Abbas spokesman implies that rockets aimed at Tel Aviv are “defensive”

Sure. All jihad is “defensive”. Even when these savages behead their defenceless victims they call it ‘defensive’.


Hamas sees the use of human shields as a “win-win,” since if doing so deters an Israeli response, its fighters and weapons will be safe, and if Israel does respond, the civilian casualties can be exploited for propaganda uses.

Hamas terrorists are not “civilians”. It is galling that these savages, who have no concept of civilians and treat all Israelis and Jews as soldiers, claim victimhood for ‘civilians’ and hide behind children. Some NGOs will even call combatants “children” in order to inflate the number of supposedly civilians being killed. DCI-Palestine and Euro-Mid Observer have been particularly egregious in this regard.WHAT REPORTERS NEED TO KNOW during Operation Protective Edge (EoZ)