'We can't prove sex with children does them harm'

WTF? The adherents of the child-buggering Muhammad will be delighted to see that we’re making ‘progress’.

Where both partners are aged 10 or over, but under 14, a consenting sexual act should not be an offence

EVIDENCE has emerged that the views of the Paedophile Information Exchange influenced policy-making at the National Council for Civil Liberties when it was run by former Labour Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt.
If marriage is a private matter then why ask the state or church to bless it?
Judge Says ABORTION Makes Incest Okay,
Parents are advised to keep today’s comic books out of the hands of children:
Update from Germany:

3 thoughts on “'We can't prove sex with children does them harm'”

  1. The Greens (globally) including their just retired representative at the EU (Daniel Cohn-Bendit) have long agitated for pedophilia to be legalised. That’s why they have such an affinity with islam.

    With the Australian Green’s senator, stage name “Rhiannon”, sucking up to islamic terrorists Hamas last Sunday at Sydney Town Hall, it’s probably personal – what adult real man would want to lay her….

    Why does no-one send those old cows to sex jihad in Syria/Iraq – with a one-way ticket ! arrrghhh

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