What Other Army Warns Its Enemies That It's Advancing?

BREAKING: IDF confirms seven soldiers killed in action in Gaza on Monday (100 Pals sent off to the virgins…)

What Other Army Warns Its Enemies That It’s Advancing?

The leftist-infected high military command, are imbued with “humanitarian” ethos. The problem is, IF not for their “advance” warning to the enemy population, our boys, at least most of them, would not be six feet under! ANY advantage given to the enemy has a concomitant disadvantage to your own people! (Adina Kutnick)

MK Feiglin: End the ‘Misplaced Pity’ That Endangers Our Soldiers

In order to avoid risking the lives of Gaza Arabs, the IDF has been risking the lives of IDF soldiers, and that has to stop, said MK Feiglin

How many Israelis must die before we are ‘allowed’ to defend them? (From The Guardian!)

 One wonders quite how the media would want to even up the scores. Perhaps Israel should switch off the early-warning systems that notify Israelis of missiles, and stop using Iron Dome until more Israelis have been killed than Palestinians? Only then, having satiated the media thirst for Israeli blood by dying in sufficient numbers, would Israel be “allowed” to resume its protective operation to let Israelis live peaceful lives free from terror.

by Hugh Fitzgerald

The Israelis insist on warning, not an hour or two but days before they attack, neighborhoods in Gaza. This has cost Israelis their lives. It wins no points with the world — the world that will judge Israel harshly and unfairly, if it chooses too, though in some countries there are still a sufficient number of well-informed people who can think straight, and are not, or at least most of them are not, warped in their views from the antisemitism that is a pemanent feature of the mental landscape, especially among the psychically marginal of whom, alas, there are many.

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Here, from an article today in The Washington Post, is a telling excerpt:

“When soldiers of the Golani Brigade entered Shijaiyah, Hamas militants were prepared to ambush them, the senior Israeli military official said in a briefing with foreign correspondents Sunday night.

The Israeli military had warned residents a few days earlier of the impending push into the neighborhood and told them to evacuate. The militants used that information to their advantage.

“They knew exactly when and where to wait for us,” said the official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of military protocol.

Hamas militants, he added, were better fighters than the Israelis had anticipated. They were “highly trained” and “very well equipped” with sophisticated weapons systems. They accurately fired light and heavy weapons, including mortars, at the Israeli forces while “setting up a lot of booby traps,” he said.

The fighting in Shijaiyah lasted for more than seven hours, the official said. Many civilians had remained in the enclave because Hamas fighters had ordered them not to leave, effectively employing them as human shields, the Israeli official said.

Residents, however, said they had been told to move before by the Israelis, only to return to their homes. Some said they were reluctant to leave their homes just because the hated Israelis told them to.”

Just Some Innocent Gun-Carrying Civilians Trying To Crawl Home

Posted by: Brian of London July 21, 2014 (Israellycool)

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