Winning the Moral High Ground is a Loser's Game

If terrorism is a game, the rules are simple.

You have three choices. 1. Destroy the terrorists. 2. Live with terrorism. 3. Give in to the terrorists. 

We are dealing with savages. Seeking the moral high ground is a fool’s quest. We can’t go to war with soldiers that are more afraid of shooting than of being shot at.

Winning the Moral High Ground is a Loser’s Game

Sultan Knish: the moral high ground proved notoriously elusive for the Jewish State.

…the truly moral army never fights a war. When it must fight a war, then it fights it as proportionately as possible, slowing down when it’s winning so that the enemy has a chance to catch up and inflict a completely proportional number of casualties on them.

Israel threatens to steps up Gaza invasion

Palli death toll crosses 294 mark as Israeli tanks and troops move in to target tunnels used by Hamas fighters.

Israel Must Abandon the Obscene “Purity of Arms” Mantra

This military morality, which Jews call “purity of arms”, ultimately is a form of surrender, of saying that IDF soldiers’ lives are worth less than enemy civilians.

Published: Thursday, July 17, 2014 thanks to TT

 Giulio Meotti

Is the Israeli army more Christian than the Christians themselves?  After all, it has, in fact, adopted the maxim of turning the other cheek. In Hebrew it is called havlagah.

The Israeli military disrupt missions against Hamas when in the radar they observe the presence of women and children.

The Israeli military calls the families of Palestinian neighbors of terrorists shortly before launching a raid.

The Israeli military evacuate entire Palestinian areas before an operation, with good manners, not with the nerve gas, like Assad in Syria, or phosphorus, like the Americans in Iraq.

Israeli soldiers heal Palestinians in Gaza in the Jewish hospitals.

The IDF is the only army which employed unprecedented efforts meant to minimize injury to non-combatants, including warning leaflets, phone calls, and non-lethal warning fire.

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Soldiers exchange fire with militants Hamas terrorists as units seize ground in Gaza; 14 terrorists killed at end of first night; 2 soldiers lightly injured and IDF suffers its first casualty.


RIP:First Israeli Dies Fighting Against Hamas In Gaza – 20 Yr old Eytan Barak (GWP)

From poster DP111:

And here a report that one of Hamas’s rockets has destroyed a power line by which Israel supplies electricity to Gaza. Yes -Israel supplies electricity, water and much else to an entity that is at war with it. NB: Hamas has not paid its water or electricity bills.

Hamas wants Israel to repair the damage NOW. Or else the world and the BBC will be informed of the collective punishment that Israel is inflicting on civilians, women and children.