Worldwide Mustard Rallies Against Israel

Perth, Australia

Real bad craziness: red commie ratbags and green loons in cahoots with murderous Mohammedan scum.

“Today (Saturday 11 July) was a rally in Perth in support of the Hamas terrorists shooting rockets at Jews, Muslims and Christians in Israel. Always interested to observe the ‘religion of peace’ in action, I put my jogging gear on and went to the city.

The event started in the Murray Street Mall. There is an overpass above from where I watched for a little while, then went down to have a closer look. I followed the g…

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Melbournistan: Nazis join commies and Muselmanic scum in Jew-hatred


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World Health Organization appeals for $60 million to avoid ‘collapse’ of Gaza health services


 (Photo: AFP)

There’s more in the pipeline. We’ll post more as it comes in…..

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