WTF? Trojan Horse plot teachers keep jobs?

So nothing changes here then. I guess not keeping them employed and allowing them to spread their Mohammedan filth would further ‘radicalise’ them. And who knows, they might even join the jihad against us, lol!

Senior staff at Birmingham schools implicated in the so-called Trojan Horse plot are allowed to keep their jobs in a deal struck hours after Michael Gove was removed as Education Secretary.

Birmingham council a ‘disastrous failure’ over Islamism in schools

Independent investigation sparked by ‘Trojan horse’ letter finds officials failed to act for fear of being accused of Islamophobia
Birmingham council “disastrously” failed to act when a group of Muslim men began to promote, sometimes illegally, a fundamentalist version of Islam in some schools, because officials were afraid of being accused of racism or Islamophobia, a report has found.

A “fundamentalist version” of Islam? How many versions are there? Grunard scribblers will never ask that question, that would be politically incorrect.But lets take a closer look at what ‘fundamentalist’ means, shall we? I’m stealing this from my good friend from the Tundra Tabloids, who posted it earlier today on another article:

NOTE: Sam Harris nailed it on the head about the word ”fundamentalism”:

”The only problem with Islamic fundamentalism are the fundamentals of Islam.” ”The principal tenet of Jainism is non-harming. Observant Jains will literally not harm a fly. Fundamentalist Jainism and fundamentalist Islam do not have the same consequences, neither logically nor behaviorally.”

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  1. I have held out hope and resisted sticking my fork in England and saying it’s done, but really where does England go from here?

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