Unhinged Sky News journaillie hammers Naftali Bennett with "disproportionate response" accusations

The revolting anti-Israel bias of the journaillie is hard to stomach. If they had their way, Israelis would have to sacrifice their firstborn in order to satisfy their hunger for Jewish blood and  their absurd claims of a “disproportionate response” ….

Dead child porn: SKY journo allows his emotions to override facts  (EoZ)

The photos and videos from Shuja’iya are horrific in every sense of the word. Innocent women and children have been killed. One cannot look at the carnage and not feel empathy.

The problem is that empathy must not trump facts.’

How can any reporter know which of the dead children were killed by Israeli fire and which were killed by Hamas RPGs? How many were killed by IDF bombers and how many from Hamas weapons caches that were detonated by those bombs? Hamas made no secret that it is booby-trapping civilian areas and attempting to lure IDF soldiers and vehicles into deadly ambushes – how many civilians were killed through Hamas’ extensive efforts to kill or capture IDF soldiers?

These are questions that most journalists in Gaza are ill-equipped to answer. And they are unlikely to emphasize how much effort the IDF placed in trying to empty the area from civilians while Hamas used implicit threats to keep the same people in their houses that are on top of Hamas tunnels and bunkers. In a medium driven by imagery, photos and video of dead children are going to override the desire for sober analysis.

In this Sky News interview, Naftali Bennett does a fair but not great job defending the IDF as the (blurred) scenes shown in the video above are shown:

Notice how the Sky News anchor takes it as a given that every death is the result of Israeli actions. He says explicitly, without any knowledge of  reality, that Israel is “indiscriminately kill[ing] women and children.”

He is clueless and he is making accusations based on emotions rather than facts.

When they see dead kids, most reporters reflexively assume they were killed by the “enemy,” not their own side – but they have a hard time internalizing that Hamas is the enemy of these children, and the IDF is not.