A belated apology (of sorts) from the Moonbat Herald and an update….

The Sydney Morning Herald apologises for its bigotry:

There has been widespread reader and community reaction during the past 10 days over a cartoon that was used to illustrate an opinion piece by columnist Mike Carlton on the conflict in Gaza …

imageThe cartoon showed an elderly man, with a large nose, sitting alone, with a remote control device in his hand, overseeing explosions in Gaza. The armchair in which he was sitting was emblazoned with the Star of David, and the man was wearing a kippah, a religious skullcap. A strong view was expressed that the cartoon, by Glen Le Lievre, closely resembled illustrations that had circulated in Nazi Germany …

The Herald now appreciates that, in using the Star of David and the kippah in the cartoon, the newspaper invoked an inappropriate element of religion, rather than nationhood, and made a serious error of judgment.

It was wrong to publish the cartoon in its original form.

We apologise unreservedly for this lapse, and the anguish and distress that has been caused.

Lapse? Try “pattern”.

In the meantime, our friend Sergio went to work and sent us a sequel:


Blog: Police protection of Jews increasingly unreliable and bizarre

Across Europe there is not only increasing violence against Jews, but the police are often unable or unwilling to protect them. Here in America, one can see the same pattern beginning to emerge. …(By Carol Brown/thanks to Mullah, pbuh)

3 thoughts on “A belated apology (of sorts) from the Moonbat Herald and an update….”

  1. They’re so eloquent and civilised aren’t they.. NOT..

    I love seeing how worked up they get, I would of been blowing kisses and picking my nose at them..

    Cowards that hide in groups, typical what’s new for Arabs, history shows that pretty well..

  2. Brilliant rebuttal from Sergio.

    Sorry Sheik, I can’t play the video, I know what vile ugliness spews forth from these muslims, the Lefty apologist and Jew haters.

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