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Gaza under Siege

Al Jizz (The Mohammedan grievance theatre becomes an increasingly hard sell….)

We find out what happens when a war is waged on a besieged area where half of the population is below the age 18.

My comment lasted barely a few minutes….

Palestinian Authority: US Responsible for Creation of ISIS

Nothing to do with Islam, as if we didn’t know that already….

With Israel Still Under Terrorist Attack, Obama Denies Ammo

The perfidious impostor doesn’t pretend anymore, the mask is off….

Levin: ISIS Wants to Be in the Stone Age, ‘We Should Accommodate Them’

They want the afterlife more than anything. It is our job to give it to them…

ISIS Jihadists: Once You’ve Beheaded Someone for Fun, Where Do You Stop?

Jihadists worried about bugs?

He will wait till the lights turn blue:

Back to reality:Israeli Economics Minister Naftali Bennett: “For every rocket launched into Israel, Israel should bomb 20 Hamas commanders’ homes in Gaza

Nafatali Bennett wants Israel to stop negotiating with Hamas. “We have the power. We don’t need to compromise.” (Bennett for Prime Minister!)

Bennett to Sky News: "Are you kidding me?"

INN  Jewish Home Chairman and Economics Minister Naftali Bennett said Thursday that it is time to stop the “unbecoming” negotiations with Hamas and opt for unilateral action against the terror organization.

“Open up the crossings into Gaza for humanitarian equipment, and respond with disproprtionate force to any fire on the southern communities,” Bennett prescribed, as he entered a session of the Diplomacy and Security Cabinet.

Residents of the so-called Gaza Belt, which is hardest hit by Hamas’s rockets, mortar shells and tunnels, require a specific solution, he said. “If we have to move them to guest rooms in the north for a month or two, we will do that. And for every shell that is fired, we will destroy 20 homes of Hamas commanders and rocket factories. We are the ones with the power. There is no reason to plead.”

Minutes after the cabinet session began, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu left it in order to talk to the heads of southern regional authorities, ahead of the rally that they are holding in Rabin Square, Tel Aviv.

Listen to the Sky News dhimmi Hamas apologist accuse Israel of “disproportionate response.”

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