Beer offends Muselmaniacs

Muslims Offended by Beer Fest

If it is worth having, then either liberals want to take it away from you, or Muslims do. What could be more worth having than a beer fest? Unsurprisingly, Muslims are offended over this:

Sadly, some thirsty Israelis will probably stay home out of fear of getting blown up by savages for the crime of enjoying a few beers. (Moonbattery)
Gaza Ceasefire, Even Less Than A Hudaibiyya Hudna 
Hugh Fitzgerald
clearGun-toting children celebrating along with the adults they sedulouusly ape, declarations of “victory,” and a Hamas bigshot  telling Gazan Arabs, that Hamas would immediately start rebuidling its arsenal, making it bigger and better than ever, for the “final war of liberation.”-Here.

Someone Is Jayvee, but It Isn’t the Islamic State


This the deadly level of cluelessness that results when you elect on an Affirmative Action basis an adolescent “president” who appoints left-wing kooks to top national security positions and then blows off briefings anyway to play golf …(MOONBATTERY)

Enemedia Jihad:

Ex-AP Jerusalem correspondent: How the AP (and others) covered up the truth in the cause of Islam

These media revelations are astonishing but not surprising. What is missing from this report is names. Name the Goebbels army of editors. Name names. We have long known that the media was sharia-compliant – (Geller)

Dutch” Headchopper Meets Virgins:

Dutch Muslim Jihad Porn Leader Killed in Iraq

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 3.31.27 PMOne can only take pity on his 72 raisins. “Infamous ISIS Militant Who Loved Taking Photos With Severed Heads Killed In Iraq,” via Reporting Nigeria By Dominic Kelly, Opposing Views,  August 25, 2014 A well-known ISIS militant was killed in battle several days ago. Multiple reports say that Khalid K. from Almere was taken out […]READ MORE (Geller)
The Brits allow the  most demented swine on earth to turn their children into sex-slaves, for fear of being called “racists”

UK: More than a thousand non-Muslim children subjected to “appalling sexual exploitation” by Muslim gangs, British Govt. Refused to Stop Muslim Sex Trafficking Ring Because it ‘Feared Being Perceived as Racist’

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 2.57.18 PMThousands of victims, hundreds of Muslims indicted, and still reports of thousands more infidel girls  raped, sold and abused by Muslims child sex trafficking gangs. These Muslims were enjoying the sex slaves allowed by the Qur’an (men may enjoy ‘what your right hands own,’ 4:3) and Islamic law from among unbelieving women.” A newly released […]READ MORE