Leftarded insanity: showing pictures of James Foley's beheading encourages (Islamic) terrorists

Islam yet again taken out of context by its believers

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So why do so many Muslims believe Islam condones – even demands - such cruelty? Yes, the majority may disagree with them, but what in the faith leaves itself so open to such barbarity?

The leader of Nigeria’s Islamist group Boko Haram said his fighters were now ruling the captured northeastern town of Gwoza “by Islamic law”, in the first video to state a territorial claim in more than five years of violent insurrection. His message also contained taunts for Western governments and compared democracy to incest…

Abubakar Shekau’s forces have killed thousands since launching an uprising in 2009…

In an attack on Sunday in the remote northeastern town of Gamboru, the insurgents killed 15 people, survivors said on Monday. The gunmen came in armed pick up trucks, throwing explosives and spraying the town with bullets… (The video) ends with scenes of executing captives in pre-dug mass graves, some of them beaten to death with spades…

“Democracy is worse than homosexuality, worse than sleeping with your mother,” Shekau says. “You are all pagans and we will kill you, even if you do not attack us we will kill you … Allah commands us to kill without pity.”

If it stops a Khaled Sharrouf from walking our streets it can’t be all bad

Why not wait to see the draft laws first before dismissing the kind of power ASIO says it needs to protect us?

As three-quarters of Australians endorse the proposed crackdown on foreign fighters, crossbenchers have joined Labor and the Greens to voice concerns about handing the government a blank cheque with its sweeping changes.

One of the sticking points is the proposal to erode the presumption of innocence by making it an offence to travel to a designated area — such as Iraq or Syria — without a valid reason…

MPs are yet to see legislation but Family First senator Bob Day has backed the concerns of crossbench colleague David Leyonhjelm, who yesterday warned against “moral panic’’ and said powers curbing liberties and freedoms of all Australians would mean “the terrorists win essentially if we lose our rights’’.

The Greens warned against being “panicked into changes that undermine our legal protections’’ and Labor’s legal affairs spokesman Mark Dreyfus said the opposition had concerns about “reversing the presumption of innocence’’…

ASIO director-general David Irvine will today outline the need to empower security agencies to combat an evolving threat in a rare address to the National Press Club. He is expected to say: … “The draw of foreign fighters to Syria and Iraq is significant and includes more Australians than all other previous extremist conflicts put together. The number of Australians of potential security concern to ASIO has increased substantially.’’

The idiots among us:

Will the ABC now censor the Gaza pictures, too?

ABC Jonathan Green says showing pictures of James Foley about to be beheaded encourages terrorists:

Publishing the image in a way that could not be avoided – above the fold on the front page of a national daily – leaves that paper aiding the original intent of the people who took it: to shock, to engender fear. In publishing, the newspaper became complicit in that campaign of terror.

To use that same fear to push a domestic agenda for increased national security protections that compromise cherished individual liberties is one thing. To promote anxiety to lever the improved popularity that comes from soothing paternalism seems not that far removed from the original tactic of the likes of the Islamic State:  using fear to overwhelm your enemies and cement the loyalty of your friends.

The Village Idiot (Reformed):

According to Jonathan Green, Paul Barry, Waleed Aly and other members of the intelligensia at #theirABC (aka Jihad Central), the display of pictures or video of the death of James Foley causes our home grown Muslims to be radicalised.Surely if our Muslim teenagers and young adults can be radicalised by this, imagine the damage #theirABC is causing by constantly showing the death and destruction caused by Hamas in Gaza and Israel. I look forward to #theirABC ceasing the practice of showing pictures and video of the military actions over there. Mark Scott owes a duty to the Muslim community not to radicalise them by showing offensive material.

ABC pays children to hate conservatives

The ABC really is out of control.

But the ABC won’t allow the most important diversity – of opinion

How about addressing the most glaring lack of cultural diversity – of conservative opinion?

THE ABC will next month introduce an in-house “cultural diversity tool” across its news and current affairs operations in a bid to ensure its reporting more fully reflects Australia’s ethnic and cultural diversity.

There are other important points to make about this story but free speech is not possible under our current laws.