Boats That Need To Be Prevented From Ever Setting Out

Hugh Fitzgerald
Boats That Need To Be Prevented From Ever Setting Out 

Once in the offing, it’s too late.

93,000 migrants — Muslim and African — have made it to Italy this year alone. They are a gigantic expense, a headache, and worse. They cannot be “integrated” in any sense that matters, if Italy is to be Italy, if Europe is to be Europe. They must be sent back. And sent back noisily, so that everyone else hears about it, instead of hearing how it is “possible” to get to Europe, if you try hard enough.

And let the dangers also be well-publicised. As here.


Many missing as boat sinks off Libyan coast

A boat carrying at least 150 migrants has sunk off the Libyan coast. Most are missing, feared drowned. Fishermen are said to have rescued 16 people. The “migrants” are believed to be mostly African nationals who were heading to Europe. The perilous journey kills hundreds of people each year.

They won’t be missed.

In other news:

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“Palestine cannot contain the Muslims and the Jews…The Jews should not be in Palestine and they will not remain there. Any Jew living in Palestine is an illegitimate occupier… He is a target of Jihad, and will end up in the garbage bin of history. … The Jews will not thrive and will not live in safety because they are the slayers of the prophets…Wherever the Jews thrive, corruption abounds….”  Muslim Imam Angers Italian Government With Islamic Nonsense, The Italians Decide To Throw Him…