Devout Muslims armed and dangerous in our jails

Islamic extremists armed and dangerous in our jails

There is no such thing as an Islamic “extremist”. Islam is an annihilationist replacement theology. The “extremists” are  being good Muslims. What part of that is it you don’t understand?

Police outside Maribyrnong Detention Centre during a protest.Police outside Maribyrnong Detention Centre during a protest.

A GANG of Islamic extremists Mohammedans are terrorising staff at a Victorian detention centre.

Sources have told the Herald Sun six men from Lebanon, Turkey and Iraq have been radicalised and are increasingly showing aggression towards other detainees and staff.

On Thursday, the group’s leader — a violent thug who was deported from South Australia for criminal activity — went on a rampage in Maribyrnong Immigration Detention Centre.

He allegedly punched a male staff member in the face and hit another in the head before six guards subdued him and placed him in handcuffs.

The man allegedly lashed out again, while being escorted to isolation, by wrapping his cuffs around a guard’s neck.

Staff negotiated for 20 minutes before the officer was eventually released unharmed.

The group is known for its anti-Western stance and several staff said radical views were on the rise in centres across Australia in recent months.

Muslim community elders have visited the Maribyrnong centre in a bid to guide detainees away from extremism, however an insider told the Herald Sun the move failed and actually increased tensions between Sunni and Shiites being held there.

“The Shiites are scared. This is a cultural divide that goes back years but it is changing,” a source said.

“It would scare you to hear what some of them say against Westerners.”

Other staff confirmed detention centres were rife with weapons, including sharpened tooth brushes and makeshift knives.

“We are finding a lot more weapons that we have never found before. This stuff is found in prisons, not (usually) here.

“They are arming up for something. It seems to be an Islamic thing against the Westerners.

“If it continues, someone is going to get a hole in them.”

The detention centre security provider, Serco, did not respond to calls by the Herald Sun.