China: "You need to join our holy war. Otherwise we will kill you…"

Deadly clash in China: An ambush by Uighurs or a government massacre?

Chinese Ruthless When Uighurs Run Amok

And you know perfectly well you are indifferent to the fate of the Uighurs, even if you feel pity for the Tibetans and possibly rage at China for how it treats them. And there is no contradiction there. It makes perfect sense.–Here. by Hugh Fitzgerald

According to official accounts, 96 people died in the July 28 clash in Shache, also known as Yarkand, making it the deadliest incident of ethnic violence in China in five years. Uighurs, members of a Turkic Muslim minority concentrated in the Xinjiang region, say the death toll was much greater. Some are describing it as a massacre.

2 thoughts on “China: "You need to join our holy war. Otherwise we will kill you…"”

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