'Death for Allah is Our Most Exalted Wish'

Germany: Amazing Stuff

In Germany, the call to jihad is no longer punishable. Muslims are allowed to participate in spreading propaganda for the “holy war”.

This was decided by the Federal Court in a landmark decision. It remains illegal to plan a terrorist act or recruiting members for it.


Hamas Rejects ‘Final’ Ceasefire Proposal: ‘Death for Allah is Our Most Exalted Wish’

We should hasten to make their wish come true. While we still can.

British MP: ‘No Jews,’ Only Hamas


Some call him “the mad monk”

Tony Abbott asks ethnic communities islamic headchoppers to support counter-terrorism laws (muzzles the rest of us?)

I don’t think Abbott is mad, but if he really believes he can make Muselmaniacs  cooperate with law-enforcement to weed out  Mohammedan terrorists  he is incredibly naive. I wonder if he knows what a ‘Dhimmi’ is.

Tony Abbott asks ethnic communities to support counter-terrorism laws

Katharine Murphy, political editor

Tony Abbott will spend the early part of the coming week in a targeted outreach effort with ethnic communities Muslims in Sydney and Melbourne in an effort to build local support for the Coalition’s counter-terrorism measures, and also soothe a grassroots backlash prompted by the government’s early frolic on hate speech. …

More frolicking and Team Australia building at the guardian thanks to Mullah, pbuh

3 thoughts on “'Death for Allah is Our Most Exalted Wish'”

  1. ‘Death for Allah is Our Most Exalted Wish’
    OK! – for once I guess non-Muhammadans should do what the Muhammadans demand – and give “The Muhammadans” exactly what they demanded.

    The Muhammadans Most Exalted Wish is Theirs ….
    So – what kind of funeral would you like for him – your (imaginary) allah

  2. ‘Death for Allah is Our Most Exalted Wish’

    Then why is it that the entire Muslim world complains when Israel simply grants their request. From what they continually say, they should thank Israel.

  3. Or save us all the rouble – if every muslim self-immolates then the world will be an infinitely, safer and happer place.

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