Ignorance is killing us…

Hamas Lied About Everything. And the media believed it.

799e07c524ce762731fe8238ed7c5f-viIt’s the Mideast equivalent of “Dog bites man,” but it took the media nearly a month to recognize its sheer obviousness: Hamas lies. Hamas lies systematically, instructing civilians to misinform the foreign press. It lies habitually, with a formidable record of mendacity from previous conflicts. And it lies guiltlessly, convinced that the objectives of ‘resistance’ supersede quaint notions of truth-telling. Nonetheless, since Israel launched Operation Protective Edge over a month ago, Western media have relied on Gaza’s Hamas-run Health Ministry – as here, here and here – for casualty tallies. As one reporter told the Washington Post, when it comes to body counts, the Hamas Health Minister Ashraf Al-Qidra is “the only game in town.” For his part, Qidra has acknowledged that he considers any fatality who has not been claimed by an armed group as a civilian. And for its part, the Hamas leadership almost never admits its operatives have been killed – and instructs Gazans to do the same. Consequently, Qidra’s running total labels three-quarters of Gaza deaths as civilians. The result has been thundering condemnation of Israel for “indiscriminate” bombing. Hamas has taken a beating in its latest battle with Israel, but so too has media credibility.


Hamas Gov’t Spokesperson: We Deported Foreign Journalists for Filming Hamas Missile Launches


SYRIA: Don’t know if they are Islamic State or al-Nusra jihadists does it matter what they call themselves? All that matters is that these are devout Muslims  shooting Christians in cold blood just for being Christians

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Denis MacEoin on obsessive/compulsive Third Worldism and why some of the Left are so desperate to romanticise Islamic terrorists. (Q-Society)

It should be clear to everyone now who Hussein Obama really is.

We screamed from the top of our lungs but no one listened.

Obama Regime officials stop missile transfer, order all future transfers to be…BARENAKEDISLAM.COM
Forget the media portrayals of ISIS as a new extreme group that even the newly moderate Al Qaeda thinks is over the top; its armies are doing the same things that Wahhabi armies have been doing for centuries.
What is wrong with ISIS is what is wrong with Islam.
The result of a higher education:

Can you believe this: “They marched chanting in support of terrorism. They marched with false accusations of genocide. They marched holding swastikas. They marched in support of ‪#‎Hamas‬.” In Boston!!!

Recently, hundreds marched against Israel in Boston. They marched, exercising their First Amendment rights, against Israel and in support of Hamas, which bans free speech. From the steps of the oldest free public library in the United States,…

4 thoughts on “Ignorance is killing us…”

  1. There you have it Folks ….
    Fully Reported – The Lies of islam spread by Muhammadans.

    Ignorance no longer need kill us now that we know what the ‘The Central Message of islam !’ is ….
    (Ensure non-Muhammadans Either) – “Submit to islam, or pay the jizya with willing submission else we (Muhammadans) will kill you.”

    Prohibit ‘The Central Message of islam !’

    And THE Method on how to Prohibit islam and its Muhammadans in Australian ….
    Ensure the following steps are carried out ….
    1. Incarcerate all Australian Politician and Political Criminals(Assistors/Enablers and Traitors/Seditionists).
    2. Stop ALL Muhammadan immigration to Australia.
    3. Expel ALL Muhammadans -(after Sterilisation)- from Australia.
    4. “Expel” ALL unwilling to go Muhammadans.
    5. Bulldoze ALL islam’s “Mostgrotesques”.
    6. Expel ALL -(survived their incarceration)- “Dhimmis” from Australia.
    7. “Expel” ALL unwilling to go -(survived their incarceration)- “Dhimmis”.

    The above Seven steps are NOT Rocket Science
    The above Seven steps are Self Preservation.

    Just a few examples of Australians getting it!

    Andrew Bolt Gets it – one example … there are many more examples ….

    Cory Bernardi Gets it

    Support and encourage the Expulsion or “Expulsion” of islam and its Muhammadans (and ALL Members of the political Greens party) from Australia.
    – ASAP would be best.

  2. this comment….
    Support and encourage the Expulsion or “Expulsion” of islam and its Muhammadans (and ALL Members of the political Greens party) from Australia.
    – ASAP would be best.

    Does not preclude other political persuasions mad monks shorties or other
    Criminals(Assistors/Enablers of islam and Traitors/Seditionists to Australia’s Citizens or Australia) from Expulsion or “Expulsion”.

    Got to start somewhere!

  3. The price civilization will pay for its willful ignorance will probably be its own destruction. We’ll see.

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