'Demented lunatics' and 'enemies to all humanity' attract young Muslims from all over the world….

All in the name of Islam but we are told it has nothing to do with Islam. Will the real Muslims please come forward and show us where in the Koran the Islamic headchoppers in the Middle East are committing unislamic acts?

Wanted for crimes against humanity: The Daily Telegraph turns the tables on terrorist Mohamed Elomar

Bad Muslim offers bounty for information on whereabouts of good Muslim. Does this make the bad Muslim an Islamophobe?


  • Mohamed Elomar put out $1000 bounty for doctor’s details
  • Dr Jamal Rifi had condemned Jihadist for posting picture of son
  • We want info passed on to National Security Hotline

SYDNEY-bred terrorist Mohamed ­Elomar has offered a $1000 bounty for the address and personal information of a prominent Muslim doctor who has spoken out against the homegrown extremists who are committing atrocities in Syria and Iraq.

But Dr Jamal Rifi, who defiantly stared down the threat and continued to label the radicals “demented lunatics” yesterday, has vowed not to be silenced.

Iraqi Sunni tribes preparing to ‘finish off’ the ISIL
If you believe the Turkish ‘World Bulletin’ you’ll believe anything.
Iraqi Sunni tribes preparing to 'finish off' the ISILHaving seen the massacres not only carried out on local Christian and Yazidi minorities, but also on their fellow Sunnis, Sunni tribes that once supported the ISIL are now planning to expel the ISIL from their midst, an Iraqi Kurdish tribal leader said.
“This organization does not have a religion. It is unclear what their aims are. There should be no doubt that this organization is an enemy to all. They are enemies to all humanity. The Sunni tribes have understood how dangerous this organization is and will now finish them off,” he added.
This organisation certainly has a religion, and its the real Islam, true Islam, just like it was in the 7th century.
“It is unclear what their aims are?” Not at all. They want things to be like in the days of Muhammad. And they’re acting as if they’re already there.
Please read and share the below article of Sheila Liaugminas with your friends and family. Make them aware what we currently see in Iraq, Syria and elsewhere is the application of orthodox or literal Islam. It is not some extreme or misunde… See More
‘A return to the Middle Ages’
Barbarism has returned in a supposedly civilized world. What can we do?

How do you dialogue with a fanatic,” asks an Iraqi Patriarch in the middle of insane violence.

Chaldean Catholic Patriarch Louis Raphael I Sako says he is working with the government of Iraq to bring Christian refugees to Baghdad.

The majority of Christians who have been driven from villages and towns in the Plain of Nineveh are living in dangerous conditions, in makeshift facilities that are now overflowing. In the Iraqi capital, there would be greater care in terms of hygiene, medical care and personal safety.

The Patriarch is also convinced that the American airstrikes are not enough to stop the pressure and advance of ISIS troops.

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  1. Someone should put a $5000 bounty on Elomar’s decapitated head. They could video tape it and the money wired. Maybe Elomar could be sacrificed and the Islamic state receives 5000 bucks for his martyrdom. They kill him and we pay them.

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