FBI director calls Islamic headchoppers "savages"– is reality sinking in, slowly….?

Let there be light! 

FBI director calls jihad killers of American journalist ‘savages’ during Denver visit

They are savages, of course, but when Pamela Geller called them that in an ad, she was denounced as a racist-islamophobic-antimuslim-bigot. Will James Comey likewise be denounced? Mona Eltahowitzer, grab your spay paint and head for the FBI offices. “FBI director calls killers of American journalist ‘savages’ during Denver visit,” by David Mitchell, KDVR.com, August 20, […]READ MORE – See more….


Saif Rahman, founder of the Humanist and Cultural Muslim Association and Author of The Islamist Delusion interviewed a former convicted jihadist – a teenage convert to Islam and now an ex-Muslim – about his previous views on homosexuality and women. His identity has been hidden over fears of his safety. He is known below as ‘X Jihadist’. —Read the full interview


Muselmaniacs attempt to storm synagogue 

Islamic anti-Semitism, aided and abetted by Leftists, is increasingly virulent and violent worldwide. – Jihad Watch

“There is no compulsion in religion….”


This past Sunday we held a rally in support of Israel and persecuted minorites under Islam. One of the speakers was a leader of the Yezidi community — watch his speech here. Reuters calls these Muslims savages “militants.” They are as sick as the ideology. But worst of all is Obama: “Islamic State video shows […]READ MORE

Londonistan: The Pleasure-Seeking Princeling, Deprived Of A Little Of His Loot 

Abdul Aziz, the famous “amateur des plaisirs” (which translates as: a debauchee beyond all Western imagining) who regards Europe as, to use J. B. Kelly’s lapidary phrase, a “combination fun-fair and brothel,” had – according to the latest estimates — a million dollars worth of euros on him, in one of his suitcases, which the robbers relieved him of, as well as taking away his “medications” as they were demurely described by his staff.

The latest news on the robbery here. (Hugh Fitzgerald)

 Lutfur Rahman, mayor of Tower Hamlets: vote for me to get your place in the afterlife
From the Telegraph, The Times, The London Evening Standard and local newspaper The Wharf
A Muslim mayor has been accused of intimidating voters by allowing his supporters to tell them backing his rivals would be “un-Islamic and sinful” in order to drum up support. Lutfur Rahman, the mayor of Tower Hamlets, reportedly threatened council staff and bribed religious groups, documents filed at the High Court claim.
He told electors that voting for him would be a “virtuous and Islamic act” while threatening his opponents with punishment in the afterlife.  The mayor’s supporters allegedly told voters leaving prayers that the Labour candidate intended to close the mosques and Islam would be safe only if Mr Rahman were re-elected.  Activists outside a polling station allegedly told Bengali voters: “Islam is in danger. You must vote for Lutfur otherwise you are not a good Muslim.”