Friday Sermon at Italian Mosque: Kill the Jews to the Very Last One

Remember when we used to say “thank G-d its Friday?” Today its more like ‘be careful what you wish for…”

Everywhere, around the world, that is what Koranimals preach in their mosques:


Here’s what they say in… Chicago:

 “Know that “Paradise lies beneath the shade of the swords.” Paradise belongs to you, oh martyrs, oh fighters, oh mujahideen, in our beloved Gaza and wounded Palestine. Stand fast in the face of this enemy…”


Muslims “hate” the sons of Zion:

Kuwaiti MuBro Top Dog, Tareq Al-Suwaidan, said Muslims “hate” the sons of Zion. He called for Muslim mothers to nurse their infants on this hatred and to plant it in Muslim children’s “souls,” so that the new generation “will erase the (sons of Zion) from the face of the earth.” Last week, Palestinian Media Watch documented a similar Hamas sermon calling for the extermination of Jews.

2 thoughts on “Friday Sermon at Italian Mosque: Kill the Jews to the Very Last One”

  1. That should stop any vulnerable, disaffected muslim youth becoming radicalised & heading off to inner struggle. Probably all got “Prevent” grants to come out with those messages of peace and tolerance.

  2. I really can’t stand Islam.
    And I’m not even Jewish.
    Muslims must be stupid to follow an ass like Muhammad.
    What can be done to wake them up.
    Nothing I guess.
    They must be born stupid or something.
    We need more signs that say
    Keep your bullshit in your country.
    Islam is just a poor man’s excuse to rape and pillage.
    That’s all it ever was.
    They tried to copy the Bible but failed.

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